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  1. "dress me up in pink and white" -Mickalino's sig
  2. i'm hungry again... i only visit this thread when my stomach starts growling
  3. you want pancakes... cuz i said so
  4. :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: love the reference, toons
  5. i have soda... soda makes me happy
  6. That does sound good... I'll keep my eyes open for it.
  7. i've never been to krystal's... but the booger sandwiches do sound tasty
  8. Double T is the best... the only problem is every time I go they convince me to eat more and more.
  9. i could go for a turkey and cheese sandwich
  10. extremeskins is the best site ever (do i get brownie points?)
  11. the one on the right... the one passed out isn't allowed back at UMBC apparently takin a swing at a cop will get you in a bit of trouble
  12. me and my mad hops that was a fun night...
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