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DC Auto Show (update with pics)


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got home a little while ago from the dc auto show, man was it fantastic, they had the new shelby gt 500, the ford gt, the dodge challenger, which is getting a lot of buzz. lamborginhi murcilago(sp) aston mortin vanquish and so many other really awesome cars, and then there was the scion booth...............:doh:

bot overall it was a great show, and dodge would be absolutely stupid if they dont release the challenger, the guy talking about the car said its not slated for production YET, but most likely will....

ill post some pics in a few........

shelby gt 500



aston martin vanquish


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Damn stwasm, either you're single or you have a very understanding sig other. Those cheeleaders don't go anywhere without you :laugh: BTW

did you give that message to Sooin for me ;)


Give it up, Dean! She's VERY engaged. I haven't seen her since the season ended, although she may be at one of the Super Bowl parties in town Sunday.

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