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Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks game thread: Discuss the game here!


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why are they bringing in a new bucket of gatorade for the purpose of the celebration? I assume it's filled with warm water? If so what a softy. At least Parcell took the icewater back in his days with Harry Carson and the Giants.

Nah, it's filled with ice coffee.

Holmgren is thirsty for a quick gulp or two.

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Oh nice one Chris, "What did you tell your team?"....I would die laughing if a coach just once said, "I told them they were a bunch of losers and a bunch of pinheads."

Seriously though...this will not be the last NFC Championship game for Fox & the Panthers.

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I swear the Seahawks are the worst team to go the supebowl since the Giants Ravens superbowl.

:doh: because they are the best team in the NFC ? :doh: Give credit where redit is due. They beat a Red Hot Redskins team and Panthers team in back to back weeks. They had a total of what 15 wins so far this season? I am not gonna say that they are the worst Superbowl team. I mean come on. They are there for a reason. I am happy for the Seahawks and thier fans. They have waited a long time for this opportunity.

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