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'American Taliban' Father Urges Clemency


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Anyone remember this little POS and his hippy dad?



After years of silence, the father of American-born Taliban soldier John Walker Lindh said Thursday he has asked President Bush to grant his son clemency, adding that the then teenager never raised arms against the United States.

"In simple terms, this is the story of a decent and honorable young man embarked on a spiritual quest," said Frank Lindh, swallowing back tears at times during a speech at the Commonwealth Club, a nonprofit organization.

John Walker Lindh, now 24, was captured by American forces on Nov. 21, alongside the Taliban. Frank Lindh said his son thought he had been rescued by U.S. soldiers until he was taken into custody and tortured.

Charged with conspiring to kill Americans and supporting terrorists, the younger Lindh avoided a potential life sentence in 2002 by pleading guilty to lesser charges of supplying services to the Taliban in violation of U.S. economic sanctions and of carrying weapons against U.S. forces.

Last year John Walker Lindh asked President Bush for a reduction in his 20-year sentence, repeating a September 2004 request the government rejected.

Until now, his parents have mostly maintained a public silence about the case, hoping to avoid a media barrage that could be detrimental to their son. But on Thursday Frank Lindh shared baby pictures and other photos of his son during the presentation and said he is proud of his child.

Lindh said he decided to break his silence because he hoped the story of his boy's journey from bucolic Marin County to harsh Afghanistan battlefields will help gain him a reprieve.

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It sucks, but guess what Cali, you're not above the law...I know it technically has nothing to do with this (although it does in my mind), but California is a "State" of the United States of America.

This guy may very well feel bad about what he's done, but actions DEMAND repercussions. A father, however, SHOULD react this way. His son may very well have killed an American soldier. What would John's father say to that fallen soldier's father?

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This is what happens when you deny a worthy recipient death.

Eventually it always comes back to early release and leniency. It never ends, this demand for 'mercy.'

ANd I love how they slip in the part about 'torture.' How are they defining that and how the hell is a guy who SAID HE SAW OSAMA during his training session and DID take up arms against the US and against civilization, become twisted into a "spiritual journey?"

What the hell? I mean at least some people thought the Rosenbergs were innocent (not the top level 'supporters') but how is the truth being altered here?

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Maybe the father should be rethinking how he raised his son. He should be spending his time figuring out where he went wrong instead of blaming the government.

The acid the Dad dropped in the 60's probably affected his mind.

I say general population. Maybe he'll end up like Jeffery Dalhmer

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