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"Al Saunder's Quoted"


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i know, another thread, but i kinda liked this quote...

"You can only do what your players can handle," Chiefs offensive coordinator Al Saunders says. "If the quarterback can't handle it, you can't do it. Trent Green became much better last year because he was able to handle so much more than the previous year.

"And there are coaches who can't handle the volume, who struggle with being creative week after week. It's easier to say, 'This is what we do, and we're going to get better at these particular areas,' than come up with new and creative ideas every week."


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Intersting comment about the QB. So I think the QB situation will not be settled anytime soon. I mean if he sees film from the last 3 redskins game no way he says Brunell is my man. I would not be suprized now if we keep Ramsey and start him. Or if we Campbell, keep Ramsey and cut Brunell.

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