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What Redskins jersey should I get?


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I already have an authentic burgandy Sean Taylor #36 jesrey and I want a white jersey. I am think of either getting Moss, CP, Carlos Rogers, Chris Cooley, Robert McCune, Mike Sellers, or Marcus Washington. Which should I get?:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :dallasuck :helmet: :logo: :point2sky :):D :cool: ;):silly::( :mad: :doh: :rolleyes: :notworthy :applause: :cheers: :2cents: :puke: :gus: :evil: :redpunch: :tantrum: :finger: :pint: :2drunks: :40oz: :beerglass :chug: :koolaid: :nana: :refill: :rubeyes: :movefast: :flowers: :lift: :adoration :banhim: :yikes: :ladiesman :shutup: :cloud9: :wish: :toilet: :wavetowel :twitch: :pooh: :yes: :no: :censored: :munchout: :kickcan: :anon: :smooch: :cry: :poke: :1stplace: :2ndplace: :3rdplace: :insane: :deal: :stop: :read: :fortune: :jump: :party: :rotflmao: :shhh: :thumbsup: :idea: :peace1: :ciao: :gang: :chestram: :security: :confused: :hungry: :high5: :drool: :handicap: :phone: :dance: :shot: :bow: :snore: :ahhhhh: :secret: :violin: :halo: :writing: :readnews: :dunce: :allhail: :dj: :wave: :type: :grouphug: :jerk: :geek: :pimp: :fingersx: :nono: :peaceout: :excited: :hammer: :kiss: :cop: :king: :psyche: :kungfu: :obvious: :soapbox: :rant: :stick: :slap: :blahblah: :cuss: :whip: :doh1: :loser: :laythehur :nutkick: :mmm: :paranoid: :wtf: :whippin: :thud: :hump: :yawnee: :moon: :whoknows: :coach: :whew: :ha: :bfd: :jk: :welcome: :troll: :ot: :bsflag: :feedback: :sucks: :owned: :stfu: :seahawksu :stupid: :bucsuck:

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I decided I am going with a white Marcus Washington jersey. Should it be replica or authentic?


I always wear the Marcus Washington but i went with the replica b/c i would be pretty upset if somebody (or even myself) spilt beer on a $250 jersey.

What about a Darrel Green jersey??? Talk about the ultimate Redskin!

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