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  1. He didn't know the offense anyway, so no worries
  2. Wow, that is really sad to see how awful this organization has been and how the correct people are not held accountable. We'll always have 2012...
  3. Dan going in open-mouthed, aint he?
  4. What ever happened to the Fire Bruce Allen petition from a while back? I remember the heat being dialed up on him after the Scot firing, but there has to be Something we can do to get this inept clown out of this organization. I understand an empty stadium speaks volumes, but will that really happen?
  5. anyone see the NFL color uni's that the Thursday Night Football games will be played in? Jets are wearing a kelly green and there are a few others, but, in the article I say on reddit, it said all teams will have an alternate color uniform in 2016. Link to article below, but has anyone seen what the Redskins uni would be? I am guessing our gold color, but who knows. The Jags feature their gold color and Panthers feature the blue. http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/article-randylangefb/Color-Jets-Thursday-Night-FootballKelly-Green/7f0c597f-b137-4afe-bbb7-03a98c9e3024
  6. mine is working, but it's the stupid Jags commentators. Picture is just ok, but it works. see the link a few posts above.
  7. http://zunox.hk/zxtv17.html not sure if it works yet, but found it here
  8. http://www.solecollector.com/niketraining/?p=6928 came across this picture of the new nike cleats and searched but didn't see it posted. Colors look like they haven't changed much...
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