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Parcells not winning friends in Dallas


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I thought you guys might enjoy this read as a diversion from all things 'Skins-Tampa this week. This is about as harsh of an article on a coach as I've ever seen put into print. Enjoy.

Puppeteer Parcells

Mike Fisher - Scout.com

January 5, 2006 at 9:30am ET

IRVING, TX -- Cleverly, Bill Parcells has puppeteered this situation in a way that has rocketed the cart waaaay past the horse: Before the Cowboys decide if InfalliBill wants them, shouldn't the Cowboys decide if THEY want HIM?

Ever wonder if anybody inside Valley Ranch has paused to even become aware of Parcells' demeaning style, his egomaniacal manipulation of the issue of his "retirement'' and, most of all his supervision of a team that collapsed in a way unprecedented in Cowboys history? Ever wonder if anybody inside Valley Ranch thinks the way you might think, that Parcells should be treated here like any other coach who is around .500 in his three seasons, has yet to win a playoff game and just followed a 7-3 start with a bumbling 2-4 finish?

Ever wonder if anybody inside Valley Ranch doesn't worship at The Altar of Bill?

Wonder no more . . .

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Purcells is overrated. His players don't like him, and thus won't give it all up on the field. The media is terrorized of him. After the loss on Sunday, he had the team clear out of the Cowboys facility by 12:00pm with no end of season meeting . Now he's holding the team hostage by not saying if he will stay or go. The local sports shows are starting to go sour on him big time. All in all, very amusing for me.

One of the local hosts refers to him as the "New Jersey ConMan" and an "Glorified Gym Teacher" Life is good to be a Redskin fan in enemy territory.

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The way he looked at Terrance Newman when he missed the tackle on Cooley shows what type of mean spirited coach he is. When I heard Antonio Bryant punching him in the face during training camp, I thought players must really hate this guy. And Terry Glen is a chump for allowing this man to call him 'she'.

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The Dude is out of control...Look at Gibb's regardless of how the season goes. One thing that never changes is his integrity and respect for others.

Parcell's has just gotten a contract extension. Why do I have this strange feeling that his guy wants to come back in part because. We beat them twice and we are the sole reason they are NOT in the playoffs?

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His time has gone.

Time to retire Bill.

And stay there.

Thanks for fcking up the Cowpies season and making mine the BEST IT COULD BE!

Thanks again Bill.

Best Wishes! - SkinFan63.


Will Parcells be best remembered for his time with the Giants or the time he spent messing up the Cowboys?

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