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Heads Up-- Skins-Cowboys game time could be moved....(Merged)


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I have NO inside info on this-- just basing this on my own observations and thought some may want to keep it in mind, especially those with plans of going to the game.

Fox (and CBS) routinely shift the game start times later in the season to make sure they wind up with a marquee match-up in their late slot of a doubleheader.

A few weeks ago, all Fox had to offer was Packers-Falcons, so they switched our game at Tampa to the late slot, which wound up going to the majority of the country. CBS did the same thing last week with the Bengals-Colts game.

Looking ahead, Fox may have another dilemma on their hands the weekend we play Dallas. Right now, the ONLY late game of a double-header they have scheduled is Eagles-Rams. As of right now, that game goes to 100% of the audience. I don't think Fox execs are too thrilled about that possibility right now. Because Atlanta plays Chicago that night and Tampa and the Giants both play Saturday games, they don't have much to choose from.

Carolina at New Orleans

Dallas at Washington

Seattle at Tennessee

San Francisco at Jacksonville

Those are the early games as of right now. If they switch our game, their early afternoon schedule looks pretty ugly, but at least they can break it down regionally. The late slot is usually the one they bank on for big ratings because CBS doesn't have a national game competing with it.

So, my prediction is that they move our game with Dallas to 4:15. Again, I have NO evidence for this-- just a semi-educated guess. Thought some might be interested.

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The Dec. 18 game between the Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys at FedExField has moved to a 4:15 p.m. ET kickoff time, the NFL has announced.

The game, originally scheduled for a 1 p.m. ET kickoff, will be televised by FOX as the national game.

The time change not only reflects the national interest in the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry, but also the potential playoff ramifications of the game.

The Cowboys are currently 7-4 and tied for first in the NFC East with the New York Giants. The Redskins are two games back at 5-6 but hope to make up some ground in the next two weeks before closing out the regular season with games against the Cowboys, Giants and Philadelphia Eagles.

On Sept. 19, Washington and Dallas played on Monday Night Football, with the Redskins coming from behind in dramatic fashion to beat the Cowboys 14-13.

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Is there any way that they would switch the time of the game back to 1 pm?

I suppose anything is possible, but I wouldn't bet on it.

It's a HORRIBLE slate of games for Fox that Sunday.

Arizona @ Houston

Carolina @ New Orleans

Philly @ St. Louis

Seattle @ Tennessee

San Fran @ Jacksonville

Dallas @ Washington

If you had to pick one of those games to broadcast nationally, which one would you pick?

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Man, I hate 4:00 games! At 1:00 on Sundays in the fall, I'm ready to slap someone's momma -- not that I condone violence against women. But, at least I can go to church that morning, take a quick nap, then tailgate with my new friends at the Extremeskins area! Shout out to Huly, Pez and Candace! WOO-HOO!!!!!!! :applause:

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I don't know if you all have heard, but the next game with the Cowboys has been moved to 4PM. I think this may be a good omen for this team. It may seem superstitious, but the Redskins seem to play better ball in the later games of the day.

This may be the first thing good to happen for various reasons. Number 1 is the fact that will know what they are playing for. Knowing who has won and lost earlier in the day, may give them a spark for that particular game being it is likely a do or die playoff game.

No.2, like last year, hopefully the Redskins will play their best ball in the second half of the season. The losses by both NY and Dallas last week may lower each teams confidence in this weeks game. NY missing 3 field goals in a row to lose to the Seahawks will haunt them for the rest of the season.

No.3, the pressure will be on the opponents from hear out. Washington has nothing to lose, and sometimes that gives coaches a reason to take chances that they may not take with a lead in the division.

No.4. It any of the Redskins have logged on to Extreme Skins, they will have some idea of how really disappointed their fans are, and may give them a spark to go that extra step to make a big play.

No 5. If the damn Redsox could come back from an impossible 0-3 start in the divisional playoffs last year, to win 4 in a row was nothing short of a miracle, and the fact that they took it upon theirselves to give their fans, who like Redskin fans have been disappointed for too many years. I know baseball is different, but they did something no other team in baseball has ever done. Maybe the Redskins can do the same thing this year. We all have been guilty slamming the team and the coaches this past week, and wouldn't it just be like this team to run the table and make us all look like idiots for counting them out.

No. 6 I will no longer post negative comments about this team, I mean does it really help the cause?? I along with the rest of my fellow fans have forgotten what Joe Gibbs was handed two years ago, and it wasn't pretty. We have lost 5 very close games that were one play or so from being a victories.

Let's all put our energy into what this team can do to get better, and to give this team something good to read once in a while. We should win the next two games, and if we get a break or two with Dallas and New York losses, we will be there at the end of the season.

Evidentally Fox Network feels we may be there, because they had the foresight to move a popular game to a time where most of the country will see it.

Let's do it. Lets will this team into the playoffs. What do we all have to lose? I know losses eat at us, isn't that why the Redskins have the best fans in the league?? We care what happens. I say we make it to the playoffs, and win the first game. Laugh at me if you will, but watch out, same things make you laugh, can make you cry.

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Well, that changes EVERYTHING.

Because of the time change, their will be NO DTC/ES breakfast on Arena Dr.

Instead it will be an DTC/ES brunch. :D

The wife don't like going to 4:00pm games, so she might not go now.

Maybe I will bring my sister instead (she's a Cowboys fan) and introduce her to my DTC brothers and sisters. :laugh:

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