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Leading Vote Getters For Pro Bowl So Far


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NFL Pro Bowl

Find out who is leading the votes for every position.

by Jon Robinson

November 16, 2005 - Shaun Alexander has been smoking the competition on the field this year, and he's tearing them up at the voting booths as well as the Seahawks back and MVP candidate is the leading vote-getter of all NFL players for the Pro Bowl. There have already been 33.1 million votes this year on NFL.com (that's a 71% increase over this point last year!), but you still have a few weeks to make your voice heard and send your favorites to Hawaii as the voting doesn't end until Tuesday, December 13th.

Here is how the vote is currently stacking up including the leaders at each position:


QB: Drew Bledsoe, Cowboys

RB: Shaun Alexander, Seahawks

FB: Chris Cooley, Redskins

WR: Santana Moss, Redskins

TE: Jeremy Shockey, Giants

T: Orlando Pace, Rams

G: Larry Allen, Cowboys

C: Olin Kreutz, Bears

K: Neil Rackers, Cardinals

KR: Willie Ponder, Giants

DE: Michael Strahan, Giants

IL: Rod Coleman, Falcons

OLB: Demorrio Williams, Falcons

ILB: Brian Urlacher, Bears

CB: DeAngelo Hall, Falcons

SS: Roy Williams, Cowboys

FS: Brian Dawkins, Eagles

P: Jeff Feagles, Giants

ST: James Thrash, Redskins


QB: Peyton Manning, Colts

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers

FB: Patrick Pass, Patriots

WR: Chad Johnson, Bengals

TE: Antonio Gates, Chargers

T: Jonathan Ogden, Ravens

G: Alan Faneca, Steelers

C: Jeff Saturday, Colts

K: Shayne Graham, Bengals

KR: Dante Hall, Chiefs

DE: Dwight Freeney, Colts

IL: Montae Reagor, Colts

OLB: Cato June, Colts

ILB: Zach Thomas, Dolphins

CB: Deltha O'Neal, Bengals

SS: Tryo Polamalu, Steelers

FS: John Lynch, Broncos

P: Shane Lechler, Raiders

ST: Robert Mathis, Colts

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Bledsoe's having a great year. That's not an outrageous selection.

Larry Allen on the other hand ... I'm thinking that's name recognition.

It would be nice if someone on our defense gets to the pro bowl, though we haven't been all that dominant this year, and that list is just the top vote-getters.

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Why isn't Marcus Washington getting more votes?

I think it is a good point that these are the leaders at the various positions. There will be more than one outside LB going to the PB.

Wow, I'm a bit surprised that Thrash is the leader in STs. Not that he doesn't deserve it, but a good nod.


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Looks like santana gets to torch roy williams again at the pro bowl practices. HAHAHHA

And Gibbs will pull another TO (fake apology) if you loose another game. :laugh:

Seriously though:

Bledsoe is looking great, top rated passer in the NFC. So that's understandable.

Santana Moss is hands down one of the best receivers in my opinion in the NFL. He makes Brunell looks great, Many times Brunell just flings the ball out there and moss makes the catch. (How I don't know, always seems to find and adjust to the ball, it's amazing)

Cooley or Witten deserve the TE spot, Shockey to me is overrated and has Stone hands.

But I agree that Cooley and Moss should definitely make pro bowl.

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Can somebody explain the groans to Dawkins making the ProBowl? The guy is spectacular.

Agreed. Dawkins is in my opinion, one of the best defensive players in the league. He studies, he prepares, he's a pro, he hits the s*** out of people and he's a leader. He's a hell of a player.

A ration of respect soup for Mr. Dawkins.

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well if Williams and Dawkins do make it, Taylor should be the third saftey

Thrash the special teamer?!

Cooley will obviously get in.

Santana Moss ahead of steve smith, I like that

Demorrio Williams is having a huge year statiscally for the falcons, I bet Washington is right behind him though.

I think when its all said and done, our pro bowlers will be Santana Moss, Mark Brunell, Marucs Washington, not griffin anymore cuz of the games he missed, Sean Taylor, Chris Cooley, and James Thrash.

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