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Things we do for love. A personal story of hell.


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So about 3 months ago I was reading the paper and I saw that "Bjorn Again, the ABBA experience" was coming to the Van Weezel performing arts center in Sarasota. It's my wifes B-day, she loves Abba, and I've heard great reviews of this broadway show (or so I thought it was a broadway show). So I buy 4seats, 2nd row center stage. I give them to my wife who informs me that this isnt the broadway show, that's called Mamma Mia (like Im supposed to know the difference). This, she informs me, is an ABBA cover band. greeeeeaaaaaaaatttttttt.

So after trying subtle ways of getting out of going (you know, make it a girls night, invite old friends into town etc) I end up there last night. We were supposed to go with another couple, but the guy got called down to Naples for Wilma duty, so the wifes sister went with us.

So that's me, my wife, and 2 other women. Sounds like fun?

The band is actually from Australia and they just perform a Swedish accent, as does the "stage manager Lars" who comes on to tell us that Bennie and Frida are fighting and they need our applause to clear the air so they will perform. MOre on him later.

So we get there and have a few drinks (needed) and the show starts at 8. Looking around, most of the people were too old to know who ABBA was in the first place and are clearly here because they have season tickets.

And there they are!!!!

The white satin kimonos,high shoulder spacesuits, feathered 70s haircuts. Stunning.

They play 45 minutes of ABBA hits, all the while my wife and the 2 woman are screaming along. They have a 20 minute intermission in which I slugged down 2 Dewars and went back to my seat.

The second half starts with costume changes and more chicanary from Lars in the crowd embarrassing old men and women.

The low point (or so I thought) occured midway through the second act. The 2 girls left the stage for a costume change and "Bennie" said "It's time to rock and roll!!!" I braced.

So there was Bennie and Bjorn in their satin kimonos and feathered hair singing.....(brace yourself) Rock and Roll all Night. They stuck out their tongues like Gene, did the Pete Townsend guitar smash. It was dreadful.

So the girls come back and they finish the set. Then comes the encore.

They play one of the 2 ABBA songs I know first "Take a chance on me" at about the midway point the real low point (or so I thought) occurred. Lars the stage manager and Bennie came from the back in baggie pants, hats turned sideways wearing big rope chains and (Im not joking) a clock around his neck and proceded to RAP the final half of the song.

I slunk farther and farther into my seat as my wife et al danced to Dancing Queen to end the show.

The real low point you ask?

Today. Because I cant get that godd@m song out of my head.

You can dance, you can try, having the time of your life.ooooooo see that girl, watch that scene, digging the dancing queen.....

kill me.

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I torture Pez too! By either making him go shopping with me, watching a girly movie, and he hates the romance novels I read. He calls them "Female Porn" With most of my friends I am considered just one of the guys but I do torture the husband too.

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