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Ledell is labeled as questionable. So who's going to step up?


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I say give the rock to the rock!

I always thought we would be just fine with Cartwright and Betts and that we really didn't need Portis. I think if Gibbs knew what he was getting with Betts we never would have made that trade.

tho i agree betts is better made for the power run i dont think we would be ok with rock and betts in the long run seems betts gets hurt fairly often and rock is average at RB , a beast on ST but not at RB

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I think everybody knows who I'm rooting for.

As to Nemo being active, I'd bet that if Betts can't play, then he (Betts) will be inactive, and Nemo will become #3.

Not joking here - but curious....if you deactivate say three or four players - can you only pull from your practice squad or can you sign others in the short term or what exactly are the rules?

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