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WMAL: AlJazeera is bringing a crew to border


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Originally posted by Thiebear

I think that writes itself...

They are bringing a camera crew to the southern border...

Maybe, just maybe the video is shown across the world it will spur them into action...

I'd love to partake in your enthusiasm, if only I could figure out what it is you are trying to say.

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Heard on the Radio this morning that AL Jazeera has contacted some border patrol people and will be bringing a Network crew down to the border. To do a show on the security..

That is all I've heard so far...

Some people would call it T.V.

Others would call it reconnaissance

Maybe it's the fact I've yet to get a cup of coffee but your posts strikes me as too short on the details to make any sense.

And be assured its not the coffee or the length of my post... It just comes naturally... ;)

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Al-Jazeera to look at open U.S. border

Arab news network interested in lack of security

The Arab TV news network criticized by the new Iraqi government and others for its anti-American bias and willingness to carry the messages of terrorist organizations, including al-Qaida, is headed for the U.S.-Mexico border to document how easy it is to enter America illegally.

Al-Jazeera has contacted Minuteman Civil Defense Corps leader Chris Simcox to try to arrange interviews. Simcox, who rejected the request for cooperation with the TV network, says al-Jazeera, seen by millions throughout the Arab world and elsewhere, is producing an hour-long documentary news special on lack of security at the U.S. southern border.

Al-Jazeera reporter Naisser Hssaini mentioned the increase in apprehensions of illegal aliens known as OTMs – other than Mexicans. These foreigners increasingly include Arabs, Muslims and others from the Middle East. The reporter also mentioned his familiarity with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement police of catching and releasing OTMS – particularly those not specifically known to be on any terrorist watch list.

"The group has been denied requests for interviews by Minuteman Civil Defense Corps organizers but they still insist on filming the groups’ activities along with the rest of the media during a July 4th weekend mission near Arivaca, Arizona," said Simcox.

Simcox has contacted the offices of Arizona's two Republican U.S. senators – John McCain and Jon Kyl – to invite them to do interviews with al Jazeera, "so perhaps they can explain to the viewers of this news outlet just how secure America's borders really are."

"The offices of the Arizona members of the United States House of Representatives will also be contacted to alert them to the presence and the intent by the al-Jazeera news crew to film the lack of security along the U.S. border with Mexico," said Simcox. "The office of the Department of Homeland Security will also be notified. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps also wonders just what DHS would tell al-Jazeera about the condition of our border security."

Simcox also mentioned the U.S. Border Patrol has already been notified.

"Would we allow Japanese or German television to film the unsecured border during World War II?" asked Minuteman spokeswoman Connie Hair. "These people broadcast to the enemies of America. It's not a news story, it's recon."

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is the citizen border patrol that virtually stopped illegal crossings from Mexico in a highly trafficked area of Arizona. It is now making plans for similar actions in other areas, other states and along the Canadian border.


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LOL I didnt say it: WMAL did... They are saying AL Jazeera is going to do a ride along on the Southern border (with Mexico)...

*what border?*

The spokesman said they have been asking for the gov't to do this or Newschannels and they got in his words..

The terrorists to agree to a ride along....

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I suggest that they be "embedded" with a couple of drunken redneck hicks who spend every night sleeping through their shift, just so they can give all the would-be terrorists an "accurate" picture of our security.

Maybe we can get Burt Reynolds and Danny DeVito to play the cops.

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