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Michael Crook OWNED on National TV


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Originally posted by SkinFaninOKC

What a boob. I not a big fan of the war either but bashing the troops is just plain wrong. The guy doesn't even know what he himself is trying to say. Probably a Cowboy fan.:D

:laugh: , has to be a cowboy fan without question. This guy probably went through lifelong abuse and torment cause he looks like an absolute freak, obviously just a sad sad plea for attention. Sad part is, their are people that agree with his views :dallasuck

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Originally posted by Predicto

The sad part is that a lot of people will claim that this dork somehow is representative of the"liberal" viewpoint or the "Democratic" viewpoint.

I'm surprised it hasn't already happened in this thread.

That guy is representative of the "liberal" viewpoint, or even "democractic" viewpoint:D :jk:

in all seriousness NOONE should condone what this guy does, he is a sick person to say the least

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Why did I click on that link? I get a Nightmare before Christmas reject who can't hold a logical thought for 2 second and Hannity, the guy who know doubt booked him for the show doing his holier then though self righteous act. Why put sh!theads like that on TV? Now his stupid site will get more hits and other attention starved whack jobs will be encouraged to behave as he is.

:doh: :doh:

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The site looks to be down right now so I'm relying on memory but I had always had the impression that it was satire; tasteless satire that went way too far but satire nonehteless.

Again, I'm not saying it's acceptable(he struck me as a real *******), just that I'd never really thought it was a literal "this is what I believe" website; closer to satire or something just designed to offend.

I don't have the time to right now but I look forward to viewing the video clip because the guy deserved to get shredded.

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