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  1. Island Boy

    Random Thought Thread

    hot pockets........
  2. Island Boy

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    I thought Lindland was dead!!! Man he looked bad.
  3. Best promo guy of all time!!!!
  4. Island Boy

    Random Thought Thread

    I like chuggin syrup.....
  5. Diamonds are forever.......and so is Ric Flair!!!
  6. Island Boy

    **** the Cowboys

    Yeah screw those Assclowns!!! :dallasuck
  7. LMAO :laugh: Yea he is rumored to be coming back too. Shane was the man!!!!
  8. And to name a few of my other favs that havnt been mentioned yet: Raven Mike Awesome Pit Bull 1 & 2 Perry Saturn and John Kronus Lance Storm Kid Kash
  9. OK gibbs you just left out MR ECW in my opinion........."The Franchise" Shane Douglas!!!
  10. Man, I miss the Eliminators!!!!!
  11. Island Boy

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Barry Bonds rookie card!!!