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  1. Gotta be honest, when I heard he got in a verbal confrontation with Eagles in a predraft interview I thought mentally he just couldn't cut it. Uber talented, but more talented players have failed because they can't control themselves off the field.
  2. No owner wants the season cancelled. They would have to give back some of the TV contract money because they are not fulfilling their end of the bargain.
  3. I envy you. I wish I could leave. At this point I'm probably operating 3% on old memories and 97% on Stockholm syndrome.
  4. With him not directly being implicated he's probably safe. What's worse than these accusations is that he's only 55 years old. We probably have another ~20 years of him, so buckle in.
  5. Complete rollercoaster of a day. I went from horrified about the WP article to hopeful that Snyder might get forced out to completely deflated because with Snyder not being specifically named and liked among the other owners he's probably safe. So, as a fan base we are more embarrassed than usual at the beginning of rebuild while still stuck with the person who's ruined this once proud franchise. Just change the name to the Washinton Snyders already and be done with it.
  6. Wow. Would be crazy if 1/5 of that is true. Mind as well throw in devil worship and hunting humans.
  7. What has anyone heard about this Washington Post 'Bombshell' article? I've been waiting for something to drop since Tuesday, so I'm just looking for speculation at this point. We've had 3 pretty much unknown executives leave this week (Michael retired, Santos and Mann II fired). That makes me think there's something to this report. Anyway, what has anyone heard?
  8. I'll continue to wear my gear, but like all the current stuff it will be eventually replaced with new branded merchandise in time. Eventually I'll have all new stuff that is a bit more trendy. Part of me is happy to see the Redskin chapter close. I was getting sick of having the same damn conversation over and over again especially while the team has been struggling. I'm excited for the new name/logo. I hope the marketing team goes full rebuild and get some creative designs.
  9. Emotionally this will take time, but from a business side the ne change will just be a formality. The NFL is a business first and foremost. This has now started to mess with their money.
  10. I think he can come back, but I don't think he can stay healthy...
  11. Man, this team has horrible luck with injuries!
  12. He didn't get extended, so if he leaves for a decent deal Seattle will get a comp pick. Chances are it will be higher than a 5th. Looking at next year's free agency period.
  13. This doesn't bode well for the Trent Williams impasse. It seems when a player doesn't want to be here coach is willing to ship them out for peanuts. Just as an FYI, Dunbar will net more than a 5th in a comp pick this following season. This effectively will cost Seattle nothing for a young, good corner on a cheap one year deal.
  14. I look at it a bit differently. This is a massive FU to the Cowboys. He is their all time receptions leader and was brought back largely because of his leadership. By all accounts he had a very frustrating season and for him to choose another team over the booth means something.
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