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  1. I think a good line for any GM is that they will make any move that will help this team get better. That covers all players and potential compensation, so it's a good catch all. Granted it's just his public posturing, so one could assume he's more flexible behind closed doors, but by all accounts Bruce isn't willing to trade Trent, period. He's not even acting like me might flinch. You could say he's playing his poker hand very well, but there's a contract/trade negotiation history where it seems like an unlikely outcome. As for the Dorsey comments I don't know how to read them. Is he saying Allen should be at the table or is he just explaining why he hasn't made a deal? Can't really tell.
  2. Am I weird for hoping every time Bruce Allen says he's not trading Trent I want him to wink or give an eye twitch direct into the camera? Some kind of poker tell that would give me a little comfort? Kind of like this:
  3. Not sure how true this is. I'm actually wondering how wrong the reporting is. What if we offered our 1st, 3rd and Williams for Njoku and Higgins. Now that sounds like the kind of deal that would leave me completely infuriated. Not sure if you picked up on this, but I think the Redskins as an organization are just trying to punk me every chance they get. So 260 pages later and we might be close to killing this thread. I feel it's an appropriate time to shift into 'we are waiting' gifs. Here's my initial contribution:
  4. How pathetic am I? I didn't want to trade him, but came to the realization it's probably the best course of action for the team. Then I got excited for him to get traded out of the division only to get that tiny bit of excitement squashed. What have I learned? Not to get excited? Anyway, right now I'm hoping that a guy, whom everyone but the owner doesn't trust, is just playing the most elaborate smoke screen and is the smartest football mind in the room. I'm starting to respect the Bruce Allen process. Consistently make no sense, leave people in the dark and lie until the people around lower the bar so far it's almost impossible to fail. Honestly, if we got a 3rd for Trent part of me would say "at least that's over. Let's move on". I'd honestly be happy to let one of my favorite Redskin players all-time walk for a 3rd? Anyway, I finish this post like I started it - How pathetic am I?
  5. Unbias

    What does Doug Williams do exactly?

    Look on youtube for Chris Rock's - he speaks so well. I posted, but removed because of profanity. It's a beaut and it's relevant to the Doug Williams conversation.
  6. Unbias

    Reality check time.

    That's what they said about baseball before moneyball and basketball before the process. Sashi Brown did a pretty good job at tanking the Browns and despite them not playing well I'd probably take that young roster over quite a few other teams. I think people will say it won't work in the NFL until it does. The side of this that shouldn't be ignored is that most of the GMs that go into full tank mode rarely make it out of the team turning things around. Maybe that's the silver lining? If we went full tank mode there's a larger chance of Allen being gone. Granted he'd just replaced by another Allen, but it might be progress.
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    Redskins Meme Thread

  8. Unbias

    Redskins Meme Thread

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    Redskins Meme Thread

  10. Unbias

    What does Doug Williams do exactly?

    I'd be curious to see what all these guys get paid. These titles are all meaningless. If someone is actually doing something that business critical to the operations then they typically get paid accordingly.
  11. Unbias

    Lost in this Dismal Season

    Loving Terry. He's making me feel like past WR draft busts are in our past. I've also liked Sweat. Obviously not the same level of impact, but I've been pleased by most of what he's done.