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  1. I don't know. I liked Hogan, he'll be 31 and for a white WR to only have 'average' production in New England (best season was 2016 where he had 38 receptions, 680 yards, 4 TDs) it's a red flag for me. I should add my 'white' comment is only linked because the Patriots have been extremely successful in taking that demographic of WR and getting the most out of them (Welker, Edelman, Gronk, Amendola, etc...). With some of their injuries it seems like Hogan should have had a bigger role and he's never been more than a #3 to 5 WR for them. Map that over to any other team and he's going to lose his job to a rookie.
  2. He's also only 24 years old. There are two ways of looking at it: 1 - He can get better with time/position change 2 - The team that drafted him cut bait fairly quickly knowing the whole age/position change thing was an option Personally I think he's just a draft bust. The Giants drafted him out of desperation and despite getting a lot of opportunities he wasn't good. I'd add the Jags, who have holes along the OL and after seeing what he has for a season decided not to bring him back.
  3. I have a serious question - Why care what a billionaire does if there's 0% chance they cares about your reaction? Snyder doesn't care what we think, so getting ourselves worked up over his BS only makes us less happy. If you want to make a point don't go to games or buy merchandise. Go to games that don't involve the team and just follow them passively. He still won't care, but at least you are refusing to let him profit from his moves. The only reason they would bring him in is to sit him down, show him a low-light reel of NFCE opponents destroying him and having a laugh. Actually that's some dark stuff that I wouldn't recommend, so there is literally no reason to bring him in. Edit/add - Ereck Flowers is so bad that in an effort to let us know what your getting his parents went out of their way to misspell his first name...
  4. I wouldn't put it past Snyder to look for #21 jersey sales, but who really cares? Does this change anyone's opinion of Snyder? No. Is Collins a good player who will help this team? Yes. He's the best safety we've had in a while, period. For people looking for reasons it's not an upgrade (cost, Snyder's reasons, box safety, etc...) clearly you wouldn't like any moves, so let's just move on.
  5. Well, if I recall his time in Philly he can't play the slot, so like a Scandrick in a different position. Anyway, even putting the retirement aside he'll be a 33 year old CB. I'm just hoping the contract has no guarantees and he's got something left in the tank. Unfortunately I have friends that root for the Eagles, but DRC is one of the players we had long debates about. I remember they thought he was amazing when they traded away Kevin Kolb and got a 2nd rounder and DRC. A short 2 years after that they celebrated him not being on the team.
  6. Or be a black mark on his legacy (much like the Dolphins run was). From his side there's risk/reward and he's an insane micro manager who thrives in an environment where he's teaching kids to be ready for the NFl. I doubt he'd be willing to give up the control needed to go to the NFL or be willing to tackle some of the egos he'd be forced to deal with.
  7. His off field issue was that he got paid. Before, when he was hungry for a deal, he played like he was hungry. After getting $6M (singing bonus + salary + other bonuses) his 'hunger' subsided and he no longer played 'hungry'. Now that he's a FA he'll sign a one year, prove it, type deal. He'll be hungry, perform well, get paid, then not live up to the contract.
  8. Why would Saban leave college? He signed an 7 year, $84M deal where he has 100% control, constantly gets the best recruits and is considered the gold standard of the NCAA. In contrast, Jay Gruden signed a 5 year. $20M deal and is on the ropes to perform. The only way we can get him is to offer a Jon Gruden deal (10 years, $100M) and Snyder/Allen have to give him full control. That will never happen...
  9. Yeah. Imagine having that much money locked up in Collins, Thomas and Norman? We'd be paying $45-50M a season. Everytime a team passes for 300+ yards on us people would lose their minds.
  10. I can't get behind Earl Thomas. He's always been a bit undersized (5'10, 200 lbs), but his strength is flying around and showing incredible range for a FS. He's had leg injuries the past 3 years and will be turning 30. Players in that mold either keep breaking down or become a step slow and just can't make the plays they used too. He's going to be in the Collins/Honey Badger type contract range and there's too much guaranteed money needed to bring him in.
  11. We are also making an assumption that he'll be able to stay out of trouble until that suspension is lifted. His history suggests that might be tough.
  12. I see and thank you for providing. This is good info I did not know. This does make the math a bit harder to predict. It's not only what the Redskins do, but also what all the other teams do in terms of fitting into the top 32.
  13. He is my favorite value RB in this draft. At the combine he was 6'1, 226 Lbs. Ran a 4.52. He's averaged 4 ypc on his 4 season career, but more impressive would be his 171 receptions. He's also a great pass blocker, which is critical if you want to play 3rd down in the NFL. Yeldon does run a bit upright, so people worry about injuries there. Montgomery just gets smashes sometimes. I still see moments where he's running through a hole and he seems more like a WR running a route than a RB that has to protect himself. For me Montgomery is a gimmick guy. Yeldon is a big, talented back.
  14. They estimated 39 picks would be given. When the picks actually rolled out the true number was 32, meaning they overstated the number by 7. 7/32 = 21.875% or 22%. They were 78% correct (100% - 22%), which is just under 80%.
  15. Yeah I saw that as well. I also looked at their predictions from last year and how well they fared. They were (39/32 - 1) 22% off. I like their chart and think the format is clearer than last year, but they are still less than 80% accurate. Add in that there's still a bunch of players out there I see no reason to start getting excited about 2020 picks.