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  1. Please answer my original question. Where are the crimes?
  2. Where are the crimes? Please give an example of any crime he has committed? First it was collusion which was a complete failure. Then it was Kavanaugh, another failure. Now the impeachment garbage. Like I said before, he will be re-elected. The dems have nobody that can or will beat him. I would also also like to add that Biden has much more to hide than Trump does. The transcript is there for all to read. Also, for all the fun that is made of Trump’s health, didn’t Bernie just suffer a heart attack? I guess that’s what happens when you are trying to sell the American
  3. Oh, you mean like the liberal media has been doing to Trump since he took office? The hypocrisy is astounding.
  4. Newsflash ladies and gents. Just like previous attempts, this will not end well for the dems. Better buckle up for 5 more years.
  5. Bring in Grace Kelly or R Kelly. Hell you can even bring Kelly Ripa but for the love of Jesus, do not bring Chip Kelly.
  6. Good point. The party could just have been getting started when the video was shot.
  7. If I were the coach of the Redskins it would be much worse than the short video we saw of Jay here. I would be passed out on the street lying in a pool of my own vomit, piss in my pants and possibly some feces as well. Being a coach of this team will force you to do these kind of things.
  8. Gtfo!!! This isn’t about Haskin’s. If you knew half as much as you claim to, you would know Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Sonny Jurgensen, Brett Favre, etc, ain’t winning with these dumbass coaches.
  9. No chance. We are stuck with this clown coaching staff until the end of the year unfortunately.
  10. With as bad as our O line is they would have just as good of luck throwing to Jordan Reed.
  11. Don’t worry guys!!! As I type this, Jay is making adjustments. We will be fine.
  12. You can’t make this s*** up! You really can’t.
  13. Lmao!!! His little shoulder wiggle dance he had going was stopped abruptly. What a group of clowns from top to bottom.
  14. We’ve been asking that question for a long time. He’s not going anywhere unfortunately.
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