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  1. No wonder he smelled like he just got out of the shower.
  2. Except I won't be able to see him play in practice. Need to see him play bad first in a regular game.
  3. I will need to wait until Sunday though....lol
  4. Ever since I said Carr is bad he has seem to turn a corner..hmmmmm.
  5. Guess he was was just shook up instead. Good to see he is okay though.
  6. Genuine answer. No. His development has been really slow. This is what you don't expect of a first round QB. Maybe that is the problem. He should have never been selected in the 1st round. His talent so far doesn't match where he was selected. Until Haskins can prove his worth, it will be a long or even short season. I think Haskins thought he should have been selected sooner. To me right now he is in the 3rd or 4th round the way he is playing. I know he is in a new offense with a new coach but his mechanics are not 1st round material. I don't know what t
  7. Bill Gates: It's 'outrageous' Americans can't get coronavirus test result in 24 hours (CNN Business) Bill Gates is frustrated by the way coronavirus testing is behind handled in the United States. "Even today, people don't get their results in 24 hours," Bill Gates said on "Fox News Sunday." "It's outrageous that we still have that." And when it comes to the technology behind the testing, Gates made it clear that there's no excuse for the slow timeline. "The US has more of these machines, more of this capacity than other countries by a huge amount," he said. As for
  8. Or some knew he would suck and is making us right.
  9. I had no problem with it either. I think the fans are so high on Ron right now that whatever he says is gospel. If Gruden had said that... well ...pitch and forks would have been out...lol
  10. He said he has played this game and coaching so has seen it. Said it was counter productive.
  11. Ron in his presser: Didn't take timeouts at the end of game as they were not close and didn't want to get any player hurt.
  12. Point taken. But with Haskins you are not going to get much in throwing part of the offense. That is what I was trying to elude to.
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