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  1. Watching it right now. I usually wait 3 weeks so I can watch them back to back. And I was just thinking about how this is season 6 and it doesn't even seem like it. No way they could it end it in 6 seasons. Glad to know there is another season.
  2. TB are fast as ****. Why didn't Holtby just put his glove on the puck instead on that last goal?
  3. Quinn only had one injury last year, it wasn't even his fault. Ankle. Which he aggravated again when he came back in Nov. Should have been on IR for the whole season instead. Don't think it is a durability issue with him. It is really funny that the Skins didn't think he was good. The Skins had their chance to get Diggs in 2015 but selected Spaight instead in the 5th round... lol
  4. Icing on the cake with the empty netter goal.
  5. 3 PP for the Flyers back to back almost. This 3rd one seems questionable though. Should be on the Flyer's player instead. Me think the refs trying to help Philly.
  6. Connelly almost had a hat trick. oh well. PP for us to end the 2nd and begin the 3rd period with.
  7. 2 in the 1st period. 2 in the 2nd period, so far. Now we just need 2 in the 3rd period. That should do it.
  8. Well at least he made Collins real emotional about it though. https://thefandc.radio.com/articles/redskins-owner-gives-landon-collins-signed-sean-taylor-jersey
  9. I really don't care for OBJ. He pouts like a child. We have all seen it. Why would you want him here? Why did the Giants ship him? Makes your wonder huh. I am not going to say they are light years better than us. They have had a lot of chance at the #1 spot to get a good QB. Let's see how they do this year and how many tantrums OBJ has.
  10. Oh well. Not going to win this one.
  11. Went from being up 2-0 to 2-3 in less than 2 minutes... ughhhhhhh.
  12. zskins


    I think you forgot to put an apostrophe and a s after the n. If are going to talk about baby lotions shouldn't this thread be moved to the Tailgate?
  13. What an intense last 2 mins...lol Glad we won.
  14. That was definitely a beautiful goal.
  15. zskins

    The Cult of Case

    Pretty sure Finlay is talking about Rosen or if a QB falls in our lap at 15 like Doug said.