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  1. NICE! I had no idea you could update your email address. Don't think that was possible in previous build of this forum software though. I have been riding with the no longer active email address since 2009...lol
  2. If you do get a fever then that is actually a positive effect. The fever just means your body has recognized a viral attack and is producing the antibodies and the fever to combat it.
  3. This post reminds me of, how may licks does it take to get to the bottom of that Tootsie...
  4. Aren't you glad that even though he was married four times he was incapable of reproducing...lol
  5. Dr. Anthony Fauci said vaccines won't be available to the "general public" before mid- to late May or early June, he told CNN's Jim Sciutto on Tuesday.
  6. Have you tried taking back to back whiskey shots?
  7. But a processing brain of a Haskin. Pass!
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