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  1. I hope you guys do realize this thread was created by Bruce. There is no more posts after the initial post. Doesn't know how to spell opinions. The same way he can't pronounce Kirk and says Kurt instead. Hey Bruce you won't be here next year so why do you even give a ****!
  2. The day he got rid of Colt Brennan and traded for that bum QB from Ravens is the day I started hatting him. The Cult of Colt thread was killed by him. I still hate him for that.
  3. We were so excited when Vinny was fired. We just ended up with a Vinny who is less buggy eyes and wears a better suite. Dan is not going to change so neither will his picks. Right now, all a fan can do is root regardless.
  4. You see this thread isn't about Bruce or Dan. It is about the Redskins players and the coaches on the field who have to do what it takes to win a game. It is about the change that happened after Gruden got fired. It is about how you think we can go 11-5 or why can't we go more importantly. i am sorry if some of you feel that by having a really bad record that it will get Bruce fired. What if doesn't? Am I not allowed to see my team win every Sunday until Bruce is fired? Are you sure the next GM/President is going to be any better? The office drama is always going to be there and if you don't want to show up for the game then don't. That is your right. I don't go to games either. Again this isn't about the FO. It is about what we have on the field right now and can they do it? I know they can and with new changes how can they not.
  5. If I could I would go to Game 5 since it would be on my birthday. But plans for my bday were already made in advance. There some tickets still available for that game. https://www.vividseats.com/mlb-baseball/washington-nationals-tickets/nationals-10-29-3211212.html
  6. This is a reverse jinx thread, right?
  7. You are missing the point of this thread. This thread was created after Gruden got fired. Callahan brought in refs to help the players. He has changed stuff (you can find out online what he has done in practice so far). The running game won in Miami and less penalties on O as well. People here were saying how Callahan is going to teach more discipline as his O line is causing all these false starts. But it is really the opposite now. Interesting. We do have really good players on D. Maybe the firing of Gruden will make them play harder for their new coach. Maybe they will stay off the field longer if the O is handling the business with the run AP scheme. Which seems to be working that Gruden wasn't able to do. Also interesting. What I said about the Jon Gruden and Oakland was just a note that the Callahan is a capable coach and took the Raiders to the SB. Sure he lost. But Jon also inherited much better team built by Dungy and was better than Oakland. I disagree we don't have the talent. I know I might sound like Allen but we actually do. The players needs to be schemed better and seems like they are a bit now. Do we have a chance to beat the Niners. We do. There is no reason they can't.
  8. Just tears in my eyes. So proud of this team and Dave M.
  10. We had better luck in the 8th. This better not turn out to be for them instead. ughhh
  11. Wait you are getting paid time and half for watching the Nats game? Not sure why you be complaining....lol
  12. No. They are duplicating it for us instead...they are so selfless... lol