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  1. zskins

    2018 Jaguars Look-a-Like Thread

    Shahid Khan Malik Amir Mohammad Khan
  2. Because he thought he was above and beyond the money our FO was offering.
  3. zskins

    Gameday Thread

    Their FO is sending him another welcome basket with more baby stuff this time.
  4. zskins

    Gameday Thread

    As a Skins fan you don't have to call it ever again. We all know it is going to happen... lol
  5. zskins

    Gameday Thread

    Yup. The refs gave that one away.
  6. zskins

    Gameday Thread

    And now a blocked FG attempt... damn. The Vikes should have taken the 3 earlier.
  7. zskins

    Gameday Thread

    Um.... yeah. Let's not go for 3 but go for 6/0 = 0 ... lol
  8. zskins

    Gameday Thread

    Stupid Wilson. Going for 6 and not even get 3 with that INT.
  9. zskins

    Gameday Thread

    They are easier to spot on Microsoft Surface.... lol
  10. zskins

    Gameday Thread

    Classic Kirk. Overthrowing the football downfield. I think @TK has seen this movie before too.
  11. zskins

    Gameday Thread

    Damn. Kirk throw forward not backwards for a lose.... lol
  12. zskins

    Does Doctson even care?

    How have you seen enough when there hasn't even been a constant player at the QB position? If you know anything about football then you should know how chemistry between a WR and QB works. Too few passes have been thrown to him on any given game, so every pass to him has been magnified by some here.
  13. zskins

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    Enough of these speculations... Just wanted to let you all know I have applied for the coaching job and being considered for the job. I will hire a competent signal caller. My job will be to hold a stick in my hand. Lots of players butt are going to get hurt. Stay tune, more to come later after the confirmation.
  14. zskins

    Does Doctson even care?

    Okay so someone calls you a **** and you just take the football and give it to the ref instead. No self respecting individual would do that over losing 15 yards. He is young. No one can tell me that when they were in the twenties they were saints and showed no anger towards anything or had total control of their anger and outburst. To err is human. Not making an excuse for him, it is reality.
  15. zskins

    I’m Happy the Redskins Lost

    Exactly! Now they will go and win the next 3 and be in the playoffs. You are right, some time you need to be kicked hard to be awoken.