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  1. This country is so unbelievably messed up. People would rather die or put themselves at risk of serious illness than accept being wrong about something.
  2. Expected the story to cover more aspects of the insanity at Redskins Park but I guess I can't blame the Post. They can't control speculation on social media. Maybe there will be more, but if not the media people hinting this would bring down Snyder have some explaining to do. The organization is as sleazy and gross as we expected. It consists of exactly the kind of people who even now would do absolutely nothing about this harassment, assault, and work environment. The hype from the other rumors is annoying now because it's affected the context of what we're reading. Everything in the story is terrible but the other unaddressed rumors are now part of the story.
  3. There's the Simpsons episode where Homer J. Simpson doesn't know his full middle name but finds out it's "Jay." Maybe you can pull off the reverse of that. On second thought that makes no sense but it's what your post made me think of, it's 2:40 in the morning, and this damn article needs to drop.
  4. Ah, don't think I ever saw that. Nobody going to be spared here apparently. If even one of these rumors is true it's a huge scandal, and right now it seems like way more than that.
  5. "They could have made him the highest-paid player in NFL history, and he wouldn't have signed." - Kirk Cousins's father Seemed like an exaggeration at the time, now who knows. So much is going to be recontextualized here, depending on what actually happened. Who knew, how much, when?
  6. Poor Larry Michael. He's out there somewhere thinking about all those yellow checks he gave us next to Skintangibles and feeling defrauded. I refuse to believe he had anything to do with this.
  7. Give the writers credit, this season's drama is the best yet. Dan Snyder is currently some sort of rogue pirate evading justice at sea on his yacht, and that may not be the most interesting part of this.
  8. Had some Monster for this so I can become the 30 year old boomer meme: Being a Redskins (Redwolves?) fan seems like a boomer thing anyway. For those of us 30 year old boomers, Dan Snyder being forced out would be our Super Bowl experience. Dear god let this happen and I'll celebrate like I did when the Nats/Caps won it all. Also don't think I have seen this mentioned but who knows if whatever happened with Dianna Russini and McCloughan is part of this. Between that and the cheerleader thing we've had smoke about these kind of issues. I think it's almost certainly unrelated to the story but anything seems possible right now.
  9. The South Dakota governor also thought "Meth: We're On it" was a great slogan for their anti-meth campaign, so her dumb comments about social distancing aren't surprising.
  10. All fair points. Overall the slippery slope aspect of this is concerning but will be decided collectively. As you said, policies are made by those who show up.
  11. For everyone alluding to the idea of accepting the consequences of free speech, at-will employment etc: yes, you are technically right. There's nothing "protected class" about this. I don't think the clocks are striking thirteen here and I don't want to exaggerate this. But those kind of answers just seem like a way to avoid thinking about the problems of this culture. It's one thing when someone on ES is crying free speech over getting the ban hammer. It's another thing when institutions like the NYT are becoming controlled by Twitter mobs. Every publication or adjacent (Facebook, Twitter) is dealing with this right now. It's fine if someone gets fired for racist statements. How about using the wrong pronouns for someone? How about eating meat? Factory farming is clearly immoral. Edit: A big part of my concern about this is fearing that reactionary politicians will keep winning elections over this stuff. I don't buy "economic anxiety" as an explanation for Trump whatsoever, it's entirely cultural.
  12. It's growing. I didn't care that the statue of Columbus was dragged down. But I've started to wonder - how much longer is the US capital called Washington? Do I care about that? Washington owned over a hundred slaves. There is no real criteria for cancellation and what's the difference really between Columbus and Washington here? I'm starting to expect in my lifetime the capital name will change.
  13. Yeah I think that's an important part of this. I think in the vast majority of cases people genuinely believe they are trying to do the right thing and make the world a better place. Part of what drives the passion on so many issues.
  14. Kirk: by the way where's your tinfoil? I'm going to grill up some steaks Got it I'm going to go with the Moscow Mule explanation then
  15. I can picture TTB banishing that boggart thinking about Cousins taking the knee when he meant to spike it against Philly