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  1. PF Chang

    The Brexit Thread

    Because of Brexit it's hard to make comparisons between UK/US but the divide between liberal/left is getting worse, and I'm increasingly worried that the two sides of the Democratic party want to destroy each other more than they want to beat Trump. Seems like similar sentiments in the UK - working class areas voting Republican/Tory for cultural reasons, mainly anti-immigration.
  2. PF Chang

    The Impeachment Thread

    Working on Pence's staff must be an interesting job. I assume your day is mostly trying to ensure that the President doesn't implicate your boss in any (more) crimes.
  3. PF Chang

    The Impeachment Thread

    Making it worse, Mark Levin is a lawyer. So embarrassing.
  4. He played well. The NFC playoffs will probably go through Seattle and the Vikings would at least have a shot there with Kirk. Meanwhile our homers will continue to act like we just won the Super Bowl when our first round QB completes a pass.
  5. I do think Vikings are in trouble tonight against the improving Seattle pass rush but hopefully they'll be checking down enough to Cook to get you to 12 pts even if the offense is bad overall.
  6. Could be worse I guess, like taking a knee when you meant to spike it. The only thing worse than that = Kirk's attempts to grill meat
  7. No, 2008 - that was just the first stat I saw searching, the guy who compiled it basically said he was too sick of counting games at that point to go back any further
  8. Intentionally missing the point about the selective use of "QB wins." I have to hand it to you - this role you're playing as defender of the worst front office in sports is an incredible performance. And you never break character. That post implying Trent Williams was really missing out on the game yesterday was your best work yet.
  9. Since 2012 Aaron Rodgers is 17-26-1 against teams that finished the season with a winning record. He obviously sucks, and the Packers should have let him walk. Then they could have traded for Alex Smith and signed him to a big extension.
  10. PF Chang

    No more max contract free agents.

    Summary: - we should not sign players to max contracts, something that definitely exists in the NFL - we should emulate the Patriots, who are good because their players try hard - if your contract is 3 years/$56 million, the CBA states you're allowed to intentionally blow one coverage. It's in the contract. - 80% of people work at 7-11. I checked with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this number is accurate - I am paid three million dollars annually for this analysis
  11. PF Chang

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    This is what bothers me most about the FO. We consistently fail to return value on our assets, and our big mistakes are so bad that they're almost beyond comparison. Every GM is going to have bad draft picks, or make trades that don't work out. I can live with that. I can't accept getting a 3rd round pick for a player who was valuable enough to sign an $84 million fully guaranteed contract in a league where Sam Bradford nets a 1st rounder. Can't accept the way we basically looked a gift horse in the mouth with the Trent situation and failed to get value for an aging star. A rebuilding team should have been considering trading Trent even if he didn't want a trade!
  12. PF Chang

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    I've already said that the $28M a year is not as big of a deal as the anti-Kirk people think, particularly when they all love Alex Smith and his $23.5M a year. But now we're also using some of our most valuable assets to find another QB. We just used the #15 overall pick last year and it's possible we're about to use a top 2 pick on another QB. And yeah I think Burrow looks great but there's no guarantee with him either. Basically none of this is as simple as "this guy wants $1 more than I think he's worth, therefore it's good we let him walk."
  13. PF Chang

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    The contract is now #7 based on average annual value. There are 3 others between $27-28 million per year. The $4.5 million difference between Cousins and what we're paying Alex Smith is less than the cost of Vernon Davis. The contract issue has always been overblown. And if the team is really that worried about spending at QB, there is really no justification for the Smith contract.
  14. PF Chang

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    This organization has George Costanza's instincts. I am now hoping that Alex Smith gets a regular invite to the weekly Crown&Coors session with Dan/Bruce like he did after the Bears game, and he can give them Jerry's advice: "If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right."