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  1. I agree that minimum wage increase --> price increase applies. Though I do think it's possible that Americans are simply unwilling to work on farms, even if they were getting well over minimum wage -- see link
  2. Yep. Most of the country probably doesn't even know this is happening. A significant portion of those who are aware will say "oh, all politicians lie, who cares."
  3. Prices would increase.
  4. I don't know why but i am amazed that someone actually said we should spend billions on a wall if even one Mexican crosses the border illegally. We should build a 2,000 mile border wall if one person illegally crosses. Like if there was an actual dangerous migrant caravan crossing would President Force just nuke Mexico?
  5. PF Chang

    Tax Bill

    About 30% of people itemized prior to the changes, and generally people who itemize are well off. There's no personal exemptions anymore ($4,050) but the standard deduction went from $6,350 to $12,000, so people taking the standard deduction are getting a $1,600 benefit. It's a tax cut for most people, though I'm guessing about half (the less rich half) of people who used to itemize get screwed. The administration should have done a better job of warning people about the withholding issues, the reason people aren't getting refunds. This administration is completely incompetent though, it's part of the price of electing a dumb game show host. The surprise of owing instead of getting a refund is not good and should have been emphasized by the gov't. But it's not good that people are actually upset about getting more money throughout the year vs. getting a refund. You're effectively saying you'd pay the gov't to force you to save money instead of just putting the extra bit from each check into a savings account yourself.
  6. The point is that your views on Trump's trade policies are contradictory. The problem with debating Trump supporters isn't "Trump haters" opposing you, it's that you guys never actually understand the things you're arguing about.
  7. You're glad he eliminated Obama era restrictions on free trade but in the same post you're happy about getting out of the North American Free Trade Agreement and happy about tariffs. This doesn't make sense.
  8. Trump's signature achievement in office will be the country's increased focus on prosecuting white collar crime. He's failed to achieve any of the actual campaign promises he made outside of arbitrarily slashing regulations (for every new regulation 2 existing must be eliminated, a dumb method of decision making). His only accomplishments are cutting taxes and nominating judges, two things that any GOP president would do. He's never going to build a wall. He's not going to ban Muslims from the country, or defeat ISIS, or fix the North Korea situation. His idiot son-in-law isn't going to 'make a deal' w/r/t Israel and Palestine. He's not going to fix healthcare and couldn't even repeal the ACA when his party had complete control of Congress. He's not going to do a ****ing thing for infrastructure even though "he's a builder." Even if you somehow actually liked his campaign promises he has failed miserably.
  9. Do you actually support the idea of the US building a wall along the 2,000 mile US/Mexico border? I think it's a Mt Rushmore of bad ideas qualifier, but I would love to see someone actually try to defend it.
  10. PF Chang

    Starting QB 2019???

    I think the 2 games of bad offense discount the 2 games of great offense. Not entirely, I mean I think he's played well in those games in general. It's just inconsistent and I wouldn't want to sign him and especially wouldn't want to trade for him. The first game he started when Wentz got hurt last year he played well. Then he was bad the next 2 games and the divisional round. Great the next 2 and in huge games. His play the first 2 games of this year was OK but nobody was suggesting to keep Wentz on the bench over it. He was terrible with the Rams as a starter. He deserves a lot of credit for the run last year for sure though.
  11. PF Chang

    Starting QB 2019???

    Foles is not better than Wentz and we shouldn't try to sign him. For the "QB wins" people I'm sure it sounds like a great idea. He's won 4 straight playoff games which is great. In 2 of those 4 games they scored 15 and 16 points. It's a good story but they're winning because they have a great defense. It would be extremely Redskins to acquire him though so I guess I should get ready for it.
  12. PF Chang

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You know the logical fallacy I like? It's the one where one side argues that maybe claiming Reuben Foster was a bad idea because of the drug thing, and the kicked out of the combine thing, and the gun thing, and the other drug thing, and the possible domestic violence thing, and the continuing to associate with the woman who apparently tried to ruin his career thing, and the being accused again predictably by that same woman thing, and the Redskins organization doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt thing... And the other side sees that the DV charges were dropped and thinks, man I bet you feel so dumb now!! Because that's the only reason you thought this was a bad idea! Bruce, you large-brained genius, you've outfoxed everyone again.
  13. PF Chang

    What do YOU want to happen?

    I want us to fire Bruce Allen today, preferably including misspelling his name a la Kurt - Bryce Allen? Promote Kyle Smith to GM. Keep Jay, not because he's great but because it's hard to imagine a better coach actually agreeing to be here. Per Over the Cap, we're at approximately $15M in cap space for 2019 assuming the cap is $190M. I'd cut the following (or trade if possible): Josh Norman - $8.5M cap savings Vernon Davis - $5.0M cap savings I'd maybe cut Foster ($2.0M savings) and Zach Brown ($5.75M savings). All of these would get us to about $36.25M in cap space for 2019. Looking to 2020 we'll probably have to move on from Trent ($12.75M savings) and Reed ($8.5M savings). McGee would also save us $4.2M as a 2020 cut. Signings/Extensions: I'd extend Brandon Scherff which will probably cost between $12-15M per year. I'd extend Matt Ioannidis. I'd like to have Thompson back for 2020 but I don't think we can afford it particularly with the injury issues. I'm probably letting Preston Smith, Crowder, and Nsekhe walk. I have no idea what to do with Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix - what will the price be, how good is he really? I'm planning for Kerrigan to walk for 2021 (and Trent if he hasn't already been released). Most important things for 2021 and 2022 will be extended Jon Allen and Daron Payne respectively. Probably more cuts this offseason will be necessary beyond Norman, Davis, Foster, and Brown. Just those cuts get us to $36.25M before draft picks and extensions for Scherff and Ioannidis. We'd probably only have about $10-15M to play with in free agency, though most of the higher priced FAs are on the wrong side of 30 so maybe we want to stay quiet in FA anyway. Draft BPA weighted toward OL/DL.
  14. I'll give it a D+. He had 9 incomplete passes. They didn't pay you all that money for incomplete passes Kirk!!!
  15. PF Chang

    90s music

    First post reminded me of some of the other one hit wonders. Fastball "The Way" and Semisonic "Closing Time." My favorite headline from my college's Onion-style newspaper was something like "Entire Semisonic Album Played." And OK it was 2000 but since Limp Bizkit has come up it needs to be said that "Break Stuff" remains the pinnacle of musical achievement.