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  1. PF Chang

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Bran will go in the past and explain that Jaime killed Dany's father because he was about to destroy King's Landing with wildfire.
  2. PF Chang

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    I'm hoping this becomes more of a character issue for Jon vs just revolving around a rightful heir technicality, I don't care about that either. Jon's first reaction to the news was to be insulted that Sam essentially called Ned Stark a liar, if this is true. Jon doesn't seem to understand that some lies can be honorable. He admits to Cersei in the dragonpit scene that he bent the knee to Daenerys which was all risk and no reward. Ned Stark OTOH tells two major but honorable lies - one about Jon's parentage, and most importantly one to save his daughter - he makes a false confession about his 'crimes' right before his execution. Maybe Jon will end up having to do something similar.
  3. PF Chang

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    The Night King can warg anything dead, which is what he's actually doing when he's 'raising' wights. Most wargs can only control certain animals like the one wildling who can warg the eagle that attacks Jon's face. But Bran, the most powerful warg/greenseer can control anything living - ravens, wolves, and humans as we saw with Hodor. The Night King, who is basically Dark Bran, can control anything dead. The NK/Bran is basically duality, they're both greenseers. Which keeps Bran's ability to see everything that's ever happened from being too powerful, since the NK can do the same thing.
  4. PF Chang

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Jon might not but the Three Eyed Raven would. I've thought that Bran would warg a dragon and destroy KL to prevent the Night King from getting a million soldiers, and starting to think that Jon and Daenerys will be blamed for it. They're laying it on thick with basically everyone distrusting Daenerys, in Sam's case he thinks she's evil and has no problem burning anyone who gets in her way. Sam asks Jon if he'd have done the same thing to the Tarlys. If a dragon destroys KL, the blame is going to be placed on the only two people anyone has seen ride/control a dragon.
  5. PF Chang

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    The Night King isn't Bran but I think he's a Stark ancestor. The Children of the Forest created the NK from one of the first men and lost control of him. I think they didn't realize he was a warg - the NK 'raises' the wights by warging the dead. We saw that when you kill a WW all of the wights he was controlling stop moving, because he's no longer warging them. When the NK and army get through the wall at the end of last season they do an overhead shot and the army looks like the Stark wolf sigil. Makes the Stark words "winter is coming" ominous.
  6. PF Chang

    Starting QB 2019???

    Haskins << Locke << Josh Tabula Rosen
  7. PF Chang

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    D&D have said the weirwood visions are part of Bran's destiny and that the most important one was that vision of the dragon flying over KL, and implied it's in the future. The most important vision being the dragon shadow along with the "you will never walk again, but you will fly" makes me think he'll control it somehow. As far as that destiny being to warg that dragon to nuke KL, basically what Yohan said. If the Night King is going to attack KL (and given the snowy throne room vision I think it's almost certain) then everyone is going to die anyway but the NK gets a million soldiers. They've mentioned the population of KL a couple of times in recent episodes. Even if it's not Bran I think someone will be setting off wildfire because of this scenario, what you said about Jaime would be interesting.
  8. PF Chang

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    In theory Bran doesn't remember anything about his fall. I might be confusing that with the books though. I agree that Bran whispering "burn them all" in the past affected the Mad King. I think "burn them all" is going to echo in the last few episodes too. The Night King will be close to destroying King's Landing and adding the dead 1 million population to his army which would be game over. Bran will "burn them all" by warging a dragon and basically nuking King's Landing with wildfire to prevent that.
  9. I think this reinforces that "economic anxiety" as justification for Trump has always been bull****. The only time this guy gets pushback from his base is when he's insufficiently racist - like when they decided he wasn't doing enough to build the wall. He is all over the place economically, they don't care. If the gov't cut taxes exclusively for billionaires tomorrow they wouldn't care. Support for this idiot is 100% cultural and will not change.
  10. PF Chang

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    I think they're going to have some of the characters in Winterfell treat Bran as a villain this season. He's basically the super NSA. He's going to repeat "the things I do for love" to Jaime Lannister the same way he freaked out Littlefinger with "chaos is a ladder."
  11. lol at Harper calling Philly the greatest city in the world. It's been a day and I think I already actually hate this guy.
  12. Harper is a douche and is thus a perfect fit in Philadelphia. That stadium is a nice fit for him though. Not just for the opportunity to be surrounded by other dbags, but that RF porch.
  13. PF Chang

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    Sanders has what I'll charitably call a devoted fanbase. Cultish is probably more like it. I could see him winning the primary the same way Trump did, there's a 35% Trump vote and a 65% Not Trump vote split between 10 people. Some of his competitors have basically adopted his platform which may hurt, but ultimately he has the most authentic leftist credibility. In the general election I think his views will be way more of a liability than his supporters realize, but if I had to put money on who's winning the primary it would be on Sanders.
  14. I assume the Nazi parts of that are why you find it ridiculous. And yet there was an actual Nazi/white supremacist rally in Charlottesville complete with "Jews will not replace us" chants. And the President's response was to say that there were many fine people on both sides. He refused to make the easiest and most obvious condemnation ever because those kind of people are among his strongest supporters. It's beyond disgraceful. Just that incident alone should have been enough to kill the cultish support for him. And yet it didn't. I wonder why?
  15. I agree that minimum wage increase --> price increase applies. Though I do think it's possible that Americans are simply unwilling to work on farms, even if they were getting well over minimum wage -- see link