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  1. I think some progressive views are popular. $15 minimum wage, restoring voting rights, and drug legalization are also popular with moderates. I am all for pushing those issues at a national level and think they are winning issues. Progressives are good at messaging to other progressives. You have probably seen the chart floating around twitter about Dems who ran on M4A and the GND. They are almost exclusively in extremely blue areas, and ultimately the downballot did worse than Biden who represents the centrist wing. I have no problem with progressives running on what they believe
  2. Biden won the primary, but the GOP simply campaigned as if it was running against Bernie and AOC. I think it worked. I have a hard time believing that 10 million people who didn't vote for Trump in 2016 were swayed by his objectively incompetent presidency. Trump got 10 million more votes in 2020 because people are afraid of the opposition, the same reason an average politician like Biden is smashing the popular vote record. The progressive wing of the party is delusional about the popularity of its views and they're addicted to campaigning on things that are political suicide out
  3. He must not realize the Adderall he's crushing daily would show up on a drug test.
  4. We have to be careful with this dystopian future that's forming. What's next, schools verifying vaccination records? Orwell is spinning in his grave.
  5. Yeah I know people like this too. Like you have to literally identify as one or wear the white hood to be considered racist.
  6. The complete despair I feel about the people of this country is overwhelming. How the **** can anyone think Trump is doing a good or acceptable job handling the virus, even if you love the guy otherwise? 47% of the people in those swing states are objectively morons.
  7. Don Jr. got a Yankees game at least https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/donald-trumps-donald-jr-problem
  8. Strong "America is a land of contrasts" energy from Melania talking about our past and future.
  9. I'd like to speak directly to my father right now. I understand that Don Jr has passed me in the children power rankings and Tiffany maybe did too. Please love me.
  10. OK that's a fair point LOL at the chyron for Eric Trump. Is Trump's son. Works for dad's company. Appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.
  11. Yeah I think the vast majority of Trump voters would define socialism as something like "gov't spending on things and people I don't like." They talk about how we'll never be socialist right after a segment talking about PPP loans and billions for the opioid crisis. I have no problem with that spending but it feels like they know their audience won't remember whatever was said 15 seconds ago.
  12. That drug overdose thing was such a Republican stat. Overdoses went down in 2018 and right back up in 2019. Trump is incompetent and has nothing to do with it. And here comes Lt Gov Jeanette Nunez to talk about communism or whatever as the GOP continues to pretend they're running against Bernie Sanders. lol at Jeanette's list of dictators that strongman Trump is taking on. Even they know it would be ridiculous to include Russia.
  13. This country is so unbelievably messed up. People would rather die or put themselves at risk of serious illness than accept being wrong about something.
  14. Expected the story to cover more aspects of the insanity at Redskins Park but I guess I can't blame the Post. They can't control speculation on social media. Maybe there will be more, but if not the media people hinting this would bring down Snyder have some explaining to do. The organization is as sleazy and gross as we expected. It consists of exactly the kind of people who even now would do absolutely nothing about this harassment, assault, and work environment. The hype from the other rumors is annoying now because it's affected the context of what we're reading.
  15. There's the Simpsons episode where Homer J. Simpson doesn't know his full middle name but finds out it's "Jay." Maybe you can pull off the reverse of that. On second thought that makes no sense but it's what your post made me think of, it's 2:40 in the morning, and this damn article needs to drop.
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