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    The Quarantine Thread

    The new league for Path of Exile is out today (Diablo style game but free). And depending on how long the quarantine lasts, Persona 5 Royal and the Final Fantasy 7 remake.
  2. This embarrassing administration has finally run into a problem you can't lie your way out of. There's no CNN to blame here. The President is a giant toddler, the emperor has no clothes.
  3. What has he done? And I don't get how anyone paying attention finds the personal gain factor debatable.
  4. lol at people like Glenn spiking the ball after Nevada. It's like DeSean Jackson dropping the ball just before crossing the goal line, but doing it from his own 30 yard line instead.
  5. Thanks for posting these. The situation in Japan is interesting. It's been too long since I've studied this but I think the idea of MV=PY where M is money supply, V is velocity, P is price and Y is output holds up, but the question is about typical assumptions of V and Y vs "real world" outcomes. I'm open to changing my mind about MMT in general. When it comes to Sanders and AOC my concern is that it's become a convenient excuse for them to print money.
  6. Making sure I understand this - the $30 trillion over 10 years already slotted is current gov't healthcare spending, and it's a marginal $17 trillion to cover everyone under Medicare? It seems hard to believe that a huge expansion of coverage is only that much more, but maybe the reduction in overhead costs and the idea that the older, most expensive people are the Medicare population currently. I don't know enough about the structure. Healthcare costs are way too opaque in the US and if we do end up with MFA I hope it changes that.
  7. I read through Renegade's link of the MFA financing options. Adding up the revenue raised by all of those plans gets you to about $16 trillion. So even if all of that list happens, we're short $14 trillion on the $30 trillion estimate for MFA. So we're either raising taxes even more than that list or we're borrowing/printing money. I assume people like Sanders and AOC, who have endorsed MMT economics, aren't worried about that. Here is a link to Greg Mankiw's thoughts on MMT:
  8. Donald Trump is running the government like it's the mob and should really call himself Don Trump, but Hillary got paid for some speeches to Goldman Sachs so she's too corrupt for me. It's a golden age of reason in this country.
  9. You didn't say it was the only solution. It's just the main thing Bernie people point to when justifying programs, whether that's MFA, student loan forgiveness, free college, or 0-6 childcare. Bernie's MFA proposal is also more extreme than the universal healthcare of European countries, though he is successfully convincing people that he's just trying to give us the NHS or Canada's system. I want to know the actual financial impact. Responding to that by pointing at other expenditures as Bernie does is just deflection. No, i don't want to pay more in taxes to forgive people's student loans, it's a handout to people in the middle class and up. I am fine with paying more in taxes to provide healthcare for everyone in the country. Bernie's MFA program is not the only way to do that. How are people exaggerating the financial impact when there isn't a straight answer on what the actual financial impact will be? And the military scrutiny thing - come on. It is an incredibly popular opinion to say that the military budget is too high and that we shouldn't be Team America World Police. Edit: I also want to make it clear - I will vote for Sanders if he is the nominee. There is nothing more important than getting the worst President in the history of the country out of office. But there are a lot of negatives about this movement.
  10. Military expenditures are less than $1 trillion. Yes, the military budget is a problem, but you can't point to it every time Bernie wants to spend trillions on something. Handwaving away trillions in spending with some vague appeal to the military budget doesn't make sense.
  11. Ben Norton, another Grayzone lunatic, retweeted by Virgil Texas from Chapo Trap House. Way too many people being influenced by the Chapo podcast, which is basically Berniebro HQ. When I am elected President my first priority will be to ban podcasts.
  12. The Sanders plan is not just "let's have European healthcare." I really think he has managed to convince people that none of his ideas are extreme, and that if you're wondering how the Bernie Math checks out then you're basically a Republican. Cutting the military budget is not going to fund the trillions these plans require.
  13. Aaron Mate is a total joke, and so are the rest of the tankies at the Grayzone. His award is as convincing as Ron Swanson winning Pawnee Woman of the Year.
  14. Not sure why he doesn't answer that it's a function of his supporters being more passionate than others and younger. It's not a perfect response but better than blaming bots. Right now he's basically denying it exists.
  15. Generally I think Bernie is more reasonable than his supporters. He made a mistake in hiring clowns like Gray and David Sirota, people whose style only appeals to those already decided on Bernie. I am sick of personality cults and blatant dishonesty. Sirota pretended to be an independent journalist while he was on Bernie's payroll. Not that his "journalism" was ever anything but Bernie cheerleading, but the total lack of shame about doing something incredibly dishonest is a problem.
  16. Berniebro is a mindset. It's like "OK boomer" being directed at people who aren't baby boomers. There are female Berniebros. The wild Berniebro's natural habitat is an expensive coastal city. They are primarily encountered in Brooklyn. Berniebros are herbivores who consume leafy green vegetables and drugs, though there is a reminder before each meal that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Berniebros typically do not reproduce because the planet will be dead by 2030. Those with children don't check under the bed for monsters, but for CIA tracking devices. The Berniebro knows you can't trust the lying fake news mainstream media ("MSM"). Instead his information comes exclusively from dip****s on YouTube like Jimmy Dore or Kyle Kulinski, two guys who really know what they're talking about. He does not support Donald Trump, he swears, but sees little to no difference between Trump and the real enemy, the evil neoliberal Establishment Democrat. You have to hand it to Trump, he's right about the lying MSM, the rigged elections, and the rigged polls. The Berniebro knows that the United States is basically a third world hellscape. He enjoys being part of a working class movement that focuses on working class issues like student loan debt and rent control in some of the world's most expensive cities. Though about 5% of people work 2 jobs, he is certain that almost everyone except Jeff Bezos works 2-3 jobs to eke out an existence.
  17. Did we just get a sincere "Mayor Pete = CIA" post? We're going to have a lefty version of QAnon by the end of this primary.
  18. PF Chang

    Does having a million dollars still qualify as rich?

    I think that's about how I view it. If you have $5 million invested even if you only earn 2% annually that's $100K. If a conservative return on your assets is a good annual 'salary' I think you're rich. Though it's a matter of perspective. The Chris Rock joke comes to mind - Shaq is rich, the guy signing his checks is wealthy
  19. The Sanders people wanted these ridiculous caucuses because they're good for Sanders even though they're less democratic. Looking forward to the same people saying the election is rigged because of the way the delegates are awarded.
  20. You trying to kill the guy?? Way too spicy for white people
  21. PF Chang

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Game 6 - Suns hit a 3 with seconds left in regulation to force OT, otherwise a lineup of Kobe, Lamar Odom, Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, and Luke Walton would have beat the 2 seed. Kobe scored 50 on 57.1% shooting including 62.5% from 3. With that team. Not exactly a bunch of open looks.
  22. PF Chang

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Yeah I don't know if I can make it through this. I am glad I heard Shaq speak but that was so unbelievably painful. I pretty much lost it right away.
  23. PF Chang

    Nazis showing up at places uninvited.

    Look at that fine specimen of the master race. There's the man that ought to be leading the Commonwealth's well-regulated militia, and there should be absolutely no restrictions on the caliber of his arsenal. If he obtains a nuclear warhead my thoughts on the matter would be as follows: well, I should probably oppose this, but the Second Amendment says the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed, so really my hands are tied here.
  24. I actually saw a lot of criticism of Rodgers after the game and I think it makes even less sense than blaming Cousins for the SF loss. Pretty much any QB won't succeed when a defense can get that much pressure only rushing 4. I feel like people have maxed out the reactionary takes. You're only as good as your last game and your performance is evaluated basically as "QB wins."
  25. PF Chang

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Every NFC playoff team had a QB making $25 million or more. You can pay your QB and still have a good team around him. Though if you pay Jared Goff $33.5 million a year you may be screwed.