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  1. Greatest American Athlete

    In all seriousness, this is probably the right answer. Women's Tennis is a fairly mature sport too, with great competitors around the world- so you can't make the claim that she's only great because of the few women who play the game.
  2. Haha, reminds me of an old(er) political joke: Q: What's going to be the title of Bill Clinton's Presidential Memoirs? A: Sex Between the Bushes
  3. Make America Gape Again Commander in (Stormy's) Briefs Stable and Stormy
  4. Well they definitely had certain parts of me raging.
  5. I know many people who've smoked pot and gotten clearances- it's not a disqualifier unless he's still doing it, or it could be used to compromise him (i.e.: someone threatens to make it public to his embarrassment). I think there's more to this story.
  6. LOL, I don't think the next Elon Musk is coming out of the Oklahoma public schools that are only open 4 days a week.
  7. Was this the same guy who claimed he went on Trump's twitter account to tweet about Comey's firing because the alternative (and way more obvious) explanation (that Trump sent the tweet) would've been an admission of obstructing justice? That's a whole new level of service- a lawyer that not only defends you, but actually commits the crimes for you in the first place.
  8. What's the endgame on immigration here? Trump won't sign a bill that doesn't cut immigration. Flake won't vote for a bill that does, putting the Senate right on its edge (I haven't followed this closely enough to know whether there's other Republicans on board with Flake). Even if they write up a bill that would get a super-majority in both houses, it wouldn't even get a vote in the House because of the Hastert rule. Trump might've actually gotten a deal if he'd lowered his demands, it appears there's no deal to be had here, and if DACA gets caught up in the court system, then Trump effectively got nothing out of the whole escapade.
  9. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    The Olympic coverage has been outright atrocious. Between the PF Chang's F-up, Katie Couric going on about people ice skating through the canals of Amsterdam, and the commentary about Korea modeling itself after a neighbor that brutally colonized them to decades, i'm perpetually amazed at how stupid we've gotten. (And yes, I'm aware the PF Changs thing was not NBC but a local ABC affiliate in Chicago).
  10. And then when this program doesn't pay for itself and your hard-earned retirement money runs out, you can use some of the fiber optic cable to hang yourself!
  11. I remember taking part in a debate about gun control in fifth grade. It taught me how one can logically structure an argument from either side. Oddly enough, I have no recollection of which side I argued for.
  12. Election 2020 Thread

    Joe Biden will be 79 years old by then. Granted, Trump is 71 and likely in much worse health.
  13. The kicker is the people who insist that Congress shouldn't get paid if there's no budget, or an unbalanced budget, etc. Does anyone really think their Congressman/Senator is incentivized by their Congressional take-home pay?
  14. I agree completely. It's on par with the ridiculous stories about the cost of Obama's vacations. The travel expenses are a drop in the bucket and I frankly wouldn't care if he needed those comforts to be effective at his job (i.e. flying all over the world to be on point with the policy he's pushing).