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  1. Yes, my comment was in response to an individual poster from this board who didn't agree with that assessment.
  2. Seems irrelevant to my comment. I said nothing about Elway entering or not entering the political process. I just said that's ridiculous to differentiate him and Kaepernick by saying his letter was "invisible" whereas Kaepernick's actions were "visible" If it was invisible, Elway could've written the letter on a blank piece of paper or a bar napkin for all I care. He chose the Broncos letterhead for a reason.
  3. Think again. This is serious.
  4. I think its part of a bigger coverup. I was at a baseball game a few years ago where the scoreboard told us to get loud and then showed a noisemeter that proceeded to break as we cheered and got louder. The thing is- it happened again a few innings later. Did they fix/replace the broken one between innings? Maybe they kept a backup noisemeter? Who's profiting off of this?
  5. If Elway's actions aren't visible then why did he even bother to write the letter?
  6. The Hulk's been pretty friendly with the Iron Sheikh in recent years- I'm not sure that's going to play well with this administration.
  7. I'm not quite where I wanted to be with my New Year's Resolutions, but I've been working out pretty diligently- I'm probably down ~5 pounds but I've definitely also replace some fat with muscle (pants don't lie). I travel a ton for work, so the diet part is what always gets me- I need to work a little harder on that one.
  8. Good perspective from Wired.
  9. The whole thing about laptops on middle eastern airlines reeks of US airline lobbyists. Delta's had an ongoing feud with Emirates and has actively tried to box them out of US-UAE routes. Their contention is that the playing field isn't even- Delta is a private company, whereas Emirates is a semi-private state run airline. Emirates can run at massive losses with no implications. Delta is actually right on that point but this is a terrible way to go about pushing them out. Some background:
  10. Former Greenville, SC police chief, who's been a US citizen for 42 years, gets detained at JFK. Oh yeah, he happens to be Muslim. I guess blue lives only matter when they're not also brown.
  11. Nevermind, King clarified his comments. Apparently he wants me to impregnate as many women of different ethnicities as possible until all of America's babies look the same. I got this.
  12. Wow as an American who happens to be brown, this is utterly terrifying that they're simultaneously letting CBP harass brown people over the most minor undocumentable suspicions while lowering the hiring standards for CBP to get more agents. I see this working out very well. Can someone please remind me about how it's actually only illegal immigration that this administration cares about, and how I'm being alarmist?
  13. If Obama really tapped Trump's microwave, then he knows the secrets behind the Trump Tower Taco Bowl. We could be overrun with imitation Taco Bowls in a matter of weeks.
  14. The only saving grace for me as a Redskins fan is that I live in Chicago and the Redskins have basically owned the Bears since the mid-80s. It's not exactly a point of pride, but there's at least no shame in being a Redskins fan here.
  15. Gerrymandering has been a really interesting topic to me for a while (being that I geek out on all things not just math-related but also politics). I highly recommend anyone who's interested in this topic watch "The Big Buy," a documentary about Tom Delay. (The Big Buy - Rise and Fall of Tom Delay - Video Dailymotion) Also, I highly recommend this website: The ReDistricting Game It's actually a flash game that lets you gerrymander a fictitious state a number of different ways.