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  1. J-Zimm was trending down his last year here. His HR/FB rate jumped, and his Ks were dropping and walks increasing
  2. If you don't cry at that and the beginning of Up, you have no soul.
  3. I'm loving the Killa as Kloser. His demeanor in that interview with Kolko was fantastic.
  4. My wife and I just splurged, fairly significantly, and got a Primo Ceramic smoker. **** is worth every penny--that weekend we had where the high was 48, cloudy, windy, typically a day that is awful to smoke in, was made a cinch. It made the best ribs I've ever made. The only trick is getting enough smoke--which I'm still trying to figure out smoke would only get thick at over 250° which will over cook and dry out the meat.
  5. I have to agree. Part of the allure of Cubans is their limited availability. However, they are still some of the best. I've never had a poorly constructed Cuban. What is interesting is seeing when CAO, Fuente, Oliva, My Father, Alec Bradley et al are able to infuse Cuban tobacco, not just the seed, into their cigars.
  6. That was a big boy save from Killa there. 4 outs, vs the heart of the order, stranding a man on 2nd
  7. Gamecast had it as a clear strike
  8. We'll be ok. Bullpen is really concerning but we have replacements coming from various sources, Blake is going to be better, .455 BABIP is not sustainable. Just....so hard to watch past the 6th inning right now.
  9. I was out but I saw Blake gave up 2 more GB hits...were they hard hit or were they more Bad Luck BABIP
  10. They've cooled, while the bullpen still sucks.
  11. I have no idea why Heisey is on this roster. He was terrible last year too, 171/.227/.439 as a PH.
  12. And is currently hurt. The Giants gave him approx $15m more, and are going to regret that deal. Kenley Jansen, who I really wanted, took less to stay with the Dodgers.
  13. Why Fedde is in the pen and not Ross: http://www.masnsports.com/nationals-pastime/2017/05/why-fedde-is-moving-to-bullpen-while-ross-is-not.html