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  1. MAT isn't bad as a 4th OF. Very good defense, speed. He needs to be the defensive replacement late in games
  2. This is fantastic. About time the Mats did something like this http://m.mlb.com/nationals/tickets/info/k-street-section?partnerId=ed-11364221-984476773
  3. Oh, good. The game is on ESPN. Joy. Hopefully Dan Schulman will have the decency to wipe his chin after blowing the Mets all game.
  4. Bullpen has been solid last couple of games--BUT, they have faced crappy lineups. I hope they're righting the ship, this trip to Colorado is terrifying. I generally hate playing there.
  5. I wrote this before his dominance over the Braves. Max and Stras back-to-back are as good a 1-2 punch as there is in baseball.
  6. Teehee.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Mets
  7. My latest is up at The Nats Blog, feel free to tell me "Strasburg is gonna Strasburg!" or I am completely full of ****: http://thenatsblog.com/2017/04/nobody-puts-strasburg-in-a-corner/
  8. Apparently the way to get Harper out is to walk him a bunch of times.
  9. I so ****ing enjoy beating the Mets. I hate that franchise, their fans, and their stupid Superhero nicknames, and those ugly ****ing uniforms.
  10. Reverse jinx always works
  11. Here comes the walkoff
  12. Need an insurance run here. Perez likely to face Freeman