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  1. This is the Mets history though. They're like cicadas, they pop up every decade or so to annoy the crap out of everyone, and then die off quickly, not to be seen. Just about every 10 years they have a run, and then implode: 69 Won WS 73 Lost WS 86 Buckner 88 NLCS loss to Dodgers 99 NLCS loss to Braves 00 Lost WS to Yankees 06 Lost NLCS to Cardinals 15 Lost WS to Royals. In between those years, they have the Bonilla era, bleach spraying, firecracker throwing years. The Jason Bay led teams, and other laughingstocks.
  2. I didn't mean this year. I doubt any team is going to catch us. But they've been a pain in our ass this year, they have a good lineup, and have an asston of pitching in the minors.
  3. The Braves have surpassed the Mets as the biggest threat in the division. They're an up and coming team.
  4. I agree they should be skipped a couple of times down the stretch--especially with such a large lead--but the hand wringing over Max's pitch-count is out of control on Twitter. He's averaging about 3-4 more pitches per start than last year.
  5. This is going to happen from time to time, let alone when you've played 29 games in 30 days, including a west-coast trip, thanks to stupid interleague
  6. Lind error, infield hit, HBP, Wild Pitch, and bloop single...
  7. The backup catcher no less....BABIP Bull****
  8. Max has not given up a **** yet....
  9. That's true--personally, I don't begrudge the 10% that find the name offensive. It sucks that they feel that way, but you do not have the right to not be offended. It's part of life--people, things, ideas, institutions will piss you off. Every single person in this country has things that offend them.
  10. This is my favorite UnWise Mike tweet--the hypocrisy is fantastic! Here's one: My Mom is a devoutly Catholic woman, cries whenever she sees something like this: Does that count?
  11. 90% of the Native Population--in 2 polls, spread a decade apart--have clearly demonstrated they are not offended by the name, or actively support it. If they're not offended, why should I be? It makes no sense.