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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    BTW, my top 4 WC goals. 1. Pavard 2. Nacho 3. Ronaldo 3a. Kroos Pavard and Nacho get bonus points because their’s were both in live play.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    Ok, voting for World Cup Goal of the Tournament is open. But just remember that a vote for anything otber than Pacard’s vs Argentina is wrong.
  3. So I wokd up this morning and wondered, “How will Putin make Trump his little bish today???” Oh
  4. ****ing Neville Chamberlain!!! Appeaser!! You spineless jackass!!!
  5. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Did Kirk boil that meat?! Good lord someone find out where he lives and give him some BBQ lessons! That is sad!!!
  6. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Got a picture of it? That could help us. Personally, at $8 I'd smoke it and give it a go. Who cares what the purists say, they can eat somewhere else.
  7. Tad Devine joined the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2014
  8. “Partially”???? bruh, everything we’re seeing today can be traced back to that day.
  9. Interesting, isn’t that exactly what Clinton and Obama wanted to do with the Free Trade agreements? Low wage, low skill jobs shipped out—train US workers for high skilled, high pay jobs. But noooooo...we want to dig coal
  10. This is why they win, sheer blind loyalty in the face of blantant criminal activity and treason. When they are willing to swallow whatever Trump does/did in order to justify party or agenda then they are nothing more than tribalistic cult members. No amount of truth telling will change this. No amount of facts, or proof will change their minds because they are no longer interested in such things. For them it is agenda, tribe, and narrative over truth, law, and justice.
  11. It’s just sad that his entire campaign and persona was about being truly independent and a rebel, but he clearly now beholden to Trump and the cancerous GOP.
  12. Rand is scared of Kentucky can he be this stupid?! The amazing false equivalency he employs pretending that Trump’s total capitulation to Putin is somehow the same as the red crisis phone to the Soviets during the Cold War! ANYONE who believes this has been lobotomized!
  13. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    Well, we got an evaluation back from the goal keeper coach at the University of Kentucky. Not bad as a junior, can’t wait to see how this evolves.
  14. Someone once said that there ought to be a book written on how to navigate the path between high school athletics, travel ball, and college recruiting for up and coming athletes. (That someone was me BTW...last night) I know there are a lot of us out there trying to figure out this crazy world of developmental and college prep sports. This is a place to ask questions, share concerns, share proud parent moments, and vent. All sports are welcome. Do NOT come here to bash the current state of athletic development systems. Take your anti-AAU, anti-travel ball rants somewhere else. @Kilmer17 @dchogs
  15. Every once in awhile Graham will confront Trump but then within a day or two he's right back in line goose-stepping like the rest of the ****s. If the Democrats and "Conscience" voters don't turn out to take power away from Trump and put in into the opposition party hands then we're seriously ****ed. I never thought I'd see the day when our lauded system of checks and balances would so utterly fail in the face of whatever the hell this is.
  16. Oh for crying out loud Lindsey, you are such a useless piece of crap. Why does he insist on playing defense for Trump? The GOPers must have all looked at their polling data, and they're afraid of their electorate. Way to lead from behind morons! Justice is now up for a popular vote.