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  1. How about starting with leadership? Are you seriously suggesting that his hem-haw routine is the best we could expect from the leader of Western Civilization? Oh wait, he surrendered that position three years ago.
  2. Like any investment you're only under water if you try to sell short. That said home buying isn't the problem right now, we have buyers, what we don't have is affordable housing. In our area we have a massive hole in the range of $125-180k, basically 3/2 1700sqft houses on .25 acres. The biggest reason there's no inventory, building costs have increased so that it takes $150k to build a 1200sqft house, meaning that most entry level and secondary level buyers are left buying existing housing which haven't been built since 2007. So lower housing interest rates all you want, but it's o
  3. I'm a registered Independent. I'm open for a critical look at the Democratic party too. Currently only one party has made it's focus on claiming Christianity while rejecting its principles. It began with a discussion about taking land and how the rich whites have a long history of weaponizing the government to take what they want from those too poor and weak to hold onto it.
  4. The ONLY way the GOPers will admit that Trump influenced these homegrown terrorists is if he claims credit for their violence. Until then....shorn sheep.
  5. This is the same face the GOP makes while eating the chicken processed by undocumented workers in their factories as they get ready to hire a new round of undocumented workers to fill the void. At first the laughing face asked why I was concerned about a pipeline explosion that happened 10 miles away, then I told the laughing face and then he didn't want to talk about it any more. The same is true for nearly every discussion with laughing face, when it gets real he gets fake.
  6. Oh, I'm sorry, did I say three, what I meant was that there are three in the county where the line exploded. Here's a look at my county. But typical GOPer response, **** the dead, **** the wounded, just as long as the spice flows, you'll steal and pollute the land until there's nothing left but your profit. Nothing has changed except the names of the parties, you're still the same apologists who revoked the 40 acres and a mule, the same ones who shrunk the reservations, the same ones who want to strip our national parks and preserves. All for money. You're also the party th
  7. You ain't very bright are ya? I know the people who watched their house melting as they tried to escape, and who had their clothes melted to their skin. There are THREE of these 30" lines that run through my county and they are all shut down because of the lack of inspections. So yeah...it distresses me. Jackass. Nothing like walking outside in the middle of the night and seeing a column of flame several hundred feet in the air and knowing you know people who live in that area. Nothing like seeing a 15' deep crater from the massive explosion.
  8. That ven diagram has a large amount of commonality. SJW = Social Justice Warrior Think of your stereotypical first year Berkeley liberal arts student who is woke to the injustices in the world, so instead of actually prioritizing and working on key issues that matter they take on everything and criticize/protest everything that moves, except they are so blinded by their criticism of everything else they neglect to realize that their Prius actually has a larger carbon footprint than the Dodge Ram they're angry at.
  9. Magazine capacity reduces the overall advantage of semi-auto, and most revolvers these days are single pull any how.
  10. So, $370,000 fine, which ballboy are they going to fire to make up the difference?
  11. Funny how one "lie" was enough for @twa to condemn Obama, but he's silent as a shorn sheep with Trump. Can't even get a mild bleat out of him with Trump. Or if he is bleating then the noise is muffled by Trump's ass cheeks.
  12. You know we don't actually take him seriously, right? We know what he is, and like a piñata we just like to hit it and watch the treats fall out.
  13. Funny how @twalaughs at this and yet it actually happened 10 miles from my house...literally this exact scene...to the letter. This is your GOP, they don't give a **** about people, it's profits and military they care about. If the rich are hurting then the government opens her legs wide, if it's the average person then the whore house is closed for business. Oh, you have some land that a wealthy developer can make money from? Well, now the government is against you taking away your right to your own land, making you a serf to the corporate greed. Nothing has changed.
  14. Well, **** him then!! Oh wait...are you willing to use that standard against the current occupant? What's that? No....oh well then I suppose your integrity is wholly dependent upon the party in power. Gee who knew?
  15. Yeah, it's a lot like copyright law, you need to defend your own copyrights. But that hasn't stopped since then either, now they just sue you and force you to allow them to bury 30" pipelines across your farms. That go for years without inspections and then explode in the middle of the night killing people and destroying homes as the residents run for their lives with their clothes melting to their skin.
  16. Want to see who loves bombs more? Offer to cut military spending and see which side howls the most. Get out of here with your false equivalency garbage.
  17. You can keep your doctor as long as your employer doesn't decide to change your medical plans.
  18. Ya'll have all the money you want to spend on bombs, someone starts talking about spending money on food and you people lose your ****. Seriously, ya'll have your priorities ****ed.
  19. @twaI'm sure would approve. Long the refuge of the huddled masses and the poor seeking better lives...now that the racist white folk are afraid they'll be out numbered by poor brown people the game changes. My guess is that the reason they are so scared of becoming a minority is knowing that someone could then treat them like they've treated everyone else.
  20. GOPer Talk: "I can't believe the snowflakes on the Left are so sensitive, you can't even call them racial slurs without them getting pissed off." Just watched the video, "I thought that was your name." Bull****, the only problem that cracker had was that Chris was about to curb stomp his ass and he knew it. It is literally the only language these jackasses understand.
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