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  1. LoL! Yeah, that's why immediately after Jesus left his disciples created a full on communal living system, or a kibbutz.
  2. For once I agree with Trump and the troll, end birth right citizenship! Let's get rid of all the ****ing freeloaders!!
  3. Yeah, **** the poor. Who gives a **** what it says on the Statue of Liberty, we don't believe that libtard bull**** anyways.
  4. I'm sorry but are you suggesting that I as a middle aged white male am discriminating against myself? Maybe I'm just a self hating cracker, is that it? The people I condemn are those who are racists, homophobes and various bigots. I do not support their right to spread their bigotry and racism. This isn't like arguing policy differences. If they drop their racist ideals then my condemnation will end. When will their hatred end?
  5. Rand Paul even read the Tea Party's eulogy last month. Funny, he was fine voting for the tax cuts that lead to the ever increasing debt. Conservatives are a funny lot, they don't believe a damned thing they believe.
  6. They'd never get over the fact that Jesus is a libtard to even notice that he's got more in common with the Palestinians than he does the Queen of England.
  7. I don't agree with that any more. When you speak against people, race, ethnicity or otherwise you lose the right to free expression. It's not like these people are adding to public discourse, they are using their words to plant cancers of the mind. This isn't about policy differences this is literally against people for no other reason than pure hatred and bigotry. It's too easy to say that they didn't pull the trigger, when all the while they incited the anger, and inflamed the hatred. Charlie Manson was imprisoned for as much.
  8. Just to make sure I have the Evangelical base figured out: You can openly discriminate against gays, blacks, hispanics, muslims. Bash veterans and war heroes. Sexually assault women. Conspire with Russian operatives. Balloon the federal deficit with billionaire tax breaks and corporate welfare, sell off the earth to corporate interests, corral kids and immigrants and asylum seekers in cages without food, clothing and restrooms, you can obstruct the FBI and Special Counsel investigations, you can lie incessantly, you can spread hate filled racist rhetoric and support Nazis, you can payoff
  9. ""Under the Constitution, yes," Cook acknowledged, then paused. "But I don't know how to express that, to make you understand that I wish she, I wish they, well — I don't want any Muslims in America." They ain't white They ain't Christian Then they ain't 'Murican Hey, give these people a break, they're only about 4 generations removed from actually owning the people that they have to be equals with, and they had to put up with the Wops, Dago, *******, and Chinks, it really is a lot to ask for them to accept Wetbacks and Muslims.
  10. I'm ok with that. K thanks bai Translated: "Not gonna happen."
  11. @twaasked what I thought we should do different. Not what I expect Trump to do different.
  12. Really? Are you trying to say that we've gone after these Rightwing white supremacist groups that are radicalizing these mass murderers with the same efforts that we went after ISIS? What's the body count between the two? How many American dead from ISIS and how many from these radicalized white supremacists? Trump's been dying to break posse comitatus since he got into office, let's get this thing going. Then we'll really get to see these Rightwing ****nuggets defend themselves against A-10's, M1 tanks, and Predator drones.
  13. In their minds it is the perfect justification. It absolves them of any needed outrage and or criticism. This false equivalency in their mind is absolute.
  14. I think if you narrow these domestics down to simply racism then you miss a large part of their motivation. A great many of these turds claim Christian heritage, in the end you have a racial, religious, national cult which is breeding these assholes. CIA isn't supposed to operate on US soil, but the NSA sure can as can the FBI. When you look at how they are radicalizing these shooters they are almost mirror images of what ISIS has done through their radicalization efforts when we see the "lone wolf" Muslim terrorist. The ONLY difference we see at this point is that the crackers don't claim res
  15. Mmmm...I dunno, the media won't drive this bus again like they did last time because they were made to look pretty stupid when the new independent study came out and the results were more in favor of the name than the previous study. Which ESPN talking head was it that basically surrendered the issue on air? Was it Stephen A?
  16. 13,000+ non-suicide related violent gun deaths every year. And for some reason we're stuck on mass shootings.
  17. Put Pixar in charge of the Gonk Droid movie and it would be an iconic and life changing story that reaches into your soul.
  18. Ok, I know I'm out of the loop but what does Argentine politics have to do with Trump?
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