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  1. Apollo 13 Breaking the Waves The Mission Moonlight The Secret of Roan Innish Heavenly Creatures Just thinking about any of those movies can get me teary.
  2. The new WaPo article (https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/trump-revealed-highly-classified-information-to-russian-foreign-minister-and-ambassador/2017/05/15/530c172a-3960-11e7-9e48-c4f199710b69_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-high_trumpintel-0504pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.ab77929bf6ec) I can't imagine how anyone will defend this. I can't respect anyone who will.
  3. I'd be very curious to hear your thoughts about the RecTec. Hope those ribs turn out well.
  4. Physician
  5. Not gonna watch OT. Need a break. Not fun to watch this team right now.
  6. Oh my. This lineup is as hot as any I've ever seen.
  7. I wonder if Trump wants to hire him to replace Spicer. Gropers working together...
  8. I've listened to 4 episodes so far. So well done. I can't wait to hear the rest.
  9. Guthrie's ERA as a Nat is 135.00. That's...amazing.. Let that stand for all time. Never let him in another game, just to maintain that stat line.
  10. This WAS fun. Gah.
  11. The current OPS for our 2-6 hitters is: 1.279, 1.452, 1.279, 1.225, 1.066. Basically Barry Bonds x 5. This IS fun.
  12. I think MAT is a lot more valuable than Difo for this team. That has nothing to do with the two of them, really, but more about the rest of the roster. Difo is mainly a backup infielder. I don't see our starting infielders (Rendon, Trea, Murph) taking many days off. They are all fairly young and are key members of the lineup. When they do get hurt or need a rest, Drew steps in. Zimm is a bit of an unknown, but Lind is his backup. The OFs are set, but I see Werth as seriously getting older and thinking that he'll benefit from fairly frequent days off. Lind is limited defensively in the OF. Heisey is more of a pure PH. I see MAT getting a lot more playing time than Difo, assuming starters stay healthy.