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  1. I wonder if Trump wants to hire him to replace Spicer. Gropers working together...
  2. I've listened to 4 episodes so far. So well done. I can't wait to hear the rest.
  3. Guthrie's ERA as a Nat is 135.00. That's...amazing.. Let that stand for all time. Never let him in another game, just to maintain that stat line.
  4. This WAS fun. Gah.
  5. The current OPS for our 2-6 hitters is: 1.279, 1.452, 1.279, 1.225, 1.066. Basically Barry Bonds x 5. This IS fun.
  6. I think MAT is a lot more valuable than Difo for this team. That has nothing to do with the two of them, really, but more about the rest of the roster. Difo is mainly a backup infielder. I don't see our starting infielders (Rendon, Trea, Murph) taking many days off. They are all fairly young and are key members of the lineup. When they do get hurt or need a rest, Drew steps in. Zimm is a bit of an unknown, but Lind is his backup. The OFs are set, but I see Werth as seriously getting older and thinking that he'll benefit from fairly frequent days off. Lind is limited defensively in the OF. Heisey is more of a pure PH. I see MAT getting a lot more playing time than Difo, assuming starters stay healthy.
  7. I don't think it makes sense to compare the voting numbers for Romney and Trump. Romney was a reasonable candidate. Not a great one, but well within the expected variation between the parties. He was not an existential threat to the basic tenets of our democracy and our values. I think reasonable, smart people could have and did vote for Romney. I can respect that vote. The same cannot be said about Trump voters.
  8. I am still using OSX 10.11. I don't know if that would make a difference or not.
  9. I used the Mac download on my macbook pro last weekend, and it worked perfectly fine. Bought it from Amazon. No trouble with it at all. It was my first year doing it by download - had used CDs on a desktop iMac in the past.
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Good. Getting Wieters this late in the offseason (presumably at a very team-friendly contract) seems like an ideal low-risk high-reward signing. He may likely be a bottom-of-the lineup Norris clone, but if he can regain some of his mojo from a few years ago, great.
  12. Worst case plausible scenario? Russia has significant leverage on Trump (financial, embarassing footage, something) and uses that to influence Trump to relax sanctions. This then emboldens Putin to become more aggressive and more destabilizing to Europe and other important areas. It emboldens Russia to continue to be uninterested in human rights violations. Because of their leverage on our leaders, US no longer can intervene and establish peace/civility. Russia then becomes strengthened as an international power. More violence ensues, millions are displaced, etc. Very very bad.
  13. I'd be fascinated to hear any Trump supporter try to logically defend his behavior and tweet-fest. I can't imagine how it would go, but I assume some are still excited about him and supportive. What are you all seeing? Is this how you want a president to act?