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Please help me with DOG problem !


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Originally posted by js161

you know what Eddie, when no one's around I kick the s**t out of the dog and giggle my motherf**king ass off.

Eddie Murphy- RAW or Delirious. I don't remember

I think that was from Raw. Friggin' hilarious...I remember the first time I saw that...had tears running down my face from laughing so hard and my stomach also hurt.

...as for the neighbor...if approaching him about the problem is out of the question maybe you could make small talk and casually mention "boy, that dog can bark, eh?"...hoping that he gets some hint.

...if not, clean your rifle while sitting on the back porch when he brings the dog out at 7am...;)

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Originally posted by Mufumonk

I still recommend a paintball gun........

If you put the paintball pellets in the freezer overnight, they tend to have a little more... mmmm... 'bite' to them.

no pun intended, of course.

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As long as we have a dog thread going...

Any suggestions about stopping a dog from whining? My dog has a piercing whine[sounds like a siren] that he lets loose any time I drive up or go to leave.

It was cute at first ,but it is getting annoying[not to mention sending chills up your spine]

I have had some success by ignoring him or scolding him then not playing with him immediately. This is the first time I have ever had this LOUD of a problem.

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Huly, it is funny.

You've never seen Delirious? Come on. EVERY topic(just about) is a basis for humor.

I hate animal cruelty, but a joke is a joke. If you can't laugh at that, you can't really laugh at anything. besides, in the context of the joke, I don't think Eddie's father was serious, just being mean.

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I just like giving y'all a hard time. Sometimes I do laugh then i send you your lecture! It is sometimes hard for me to see animal cruelty as a joke as I have seen way too much. In SC I handeled ALL the abuse and neglect case and I got burned out quick. It is a touchy subject because of that. I know y'all are just being men and trying to be cute though that is why I let you off easy sometimes. Just the other day I fostered a hound for the night that was a possible abuse case so it brings back old memories! Sorry if I get to tough but like I said I get touchy here!

As for whining try keep a water bottle near you spray the dog when it whines. It will then associate whining with the water. Depending on how much the throat vibrates with the whine a "no bark collar" will work too. It sprays citronella by the vibrations of the vochal chords. Try the water bottle first though!

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You don't need to apologize Huly. You made it pretty clear you 'got' the joke - and you've shown you have more than an average sense of humor since you've been here.

And besides wondering if you had a sense of humor, Ghost also wanted to know if 'spanking his monkey' is technically considered animal cruelty?

Yeah, we know Ghost - guilty as charged. I'm saving you a bunk here at the SPCA. I'm in the next cell over btw.

Thats a joke :)

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Originally posted by Huly

As long as he is spanking his own monkey it is all good in my book!

I just know I can come off as harsh at times so I try not too!

Be kind of worried if he was spanking somebody else's monkey... :rolleyes:

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