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What is your favorite football movie???


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Just got done watching, "Remember the Titans", just thought it would be a good post.

I think that was one of the best movies I've ever seen. Friday Night Lights was very similar, but not quite. Awesome Movie!

I do look forward to seeing The Longest Yard. Gotta love Sander movies.

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Remember the Titans was outstanding. Personally, Friday Night Lights just didn't do it for me. The way the camera constantly shook around during some parts was just distracting and unnecessary.

On the comedy side of things I like The Replacements a lot.

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In this order for me:

1. The Program

2. Remember the Titans

3. The Longest Yard

4. Rudy

5. Any Given Sunday

6. The Replacements

7. Against all odds (In a non football, football way.)

8. North Dallas Forty

9. Necessary Roughness

I can't think of any others. I haven't seen "Friday Night Lights" yet, but i'm sure it'll rank high. But my overall favorite is re-watching the '91 season of the Skins on NFL Films.

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Originally posted by iheartskins

Wait Redskin58417, is Necessary Roughness really a favorite movie? I was joking when I wrote it above. Maybe it's in your list because it's the ninth football-related movie that you could think of?

No its in my lists for the comedy. My favorite line is still used by me and my friends when we are winning at anything big: "Blow the whistle ref." Hilarious!:laugh:

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Originally posted by China

I don't see Brian's Song listed anywhere.

North Dallas Forty?

Yes "Brian's song" was good, but unfortunately for me? It came out when I was only 4 or 5 years old. And I haven't re-watched it as an adult. So I didn't think it would be fair to rank it like movies I can vividly recall. That's all.

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