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ExtremeSkins potential avatars.... (mergedX2)

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so where are the new avatars we were promised by the end of the week?

Unfortunately my wife had to work 120 hours this week, leaving me a single pop, and, I couldn't get them up. But, they are the very first thing on my ES agenda.

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Hopefully within a few hours of having time to do so. My plan is Monday, but, you never know what life will deal you :).
so....whatever happened to those avatars
i've been asking the same question lately.


Can either of you two comprehend it? I mean, jeez, Art said this THREE posts above. If you're that worried & obsessed about getting an answer, then maybe you should send him a PM.

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Here are a few I have taken over the years. I'll just post the links since the pictures are way too big. If any can be used you'll have the full size.

Coach on the sidelines during the Bucs 2004 game


Samuels during the Bucs 2004 game. Might be too blurry


Might can take one or 2 from here


Taylor during the Seahawks game 2005




Betts Seahawks 2005


Campbell Raiders game 2005


Brunell and Thrash Raiders 2005


12th Man avatar?


Marching band chief


There are plenty more if anyone is interested.

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