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Look at what CBSsportsline had to say about our first 2 picks


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Here are the qoutes:

QB Patrick Ramsey:

REMINDS YOU OF… Jay Fiedler, Miami Dolphins. Like Fiedler, he's good, but never will be great. Much like Fiedler, he will frustrate his coach with his poor field decisions and penchant for throwing the ball into traffic.

GAZING INTO THE CRYSTAL BALL… Ramsey is more than likely the next quarterback off the board after Carr and Harrington, but I have a very uneasy feeling about this guy. I like my quarterbacks a little more mobile and oh, those costly interceptions.

RB Ladell Betts:

REMINDS YOU OF… Lamar Smith, Carolina Panthers. Simply put, Betts needs a quality blocker to pave the way for him, for like Smith, he will go down after the first hit.

GAZING INTO THE CRYSTAL BALL… Someone will waste a first day pick on him, but sometimes, he appears so slow in his movements, if he was in a race with a pregnant woman, he'd come in third.

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Nobody else should even read that review, because, this person is truly a BIG FAN of an opposing team of Washington's. The negatives aren't even the real deal.

The only one that is true, is iffy. Not being mobile. Oh well, let's see here who wasn't MOBILE.

Marino, Montana, Jurgenson (what do they have in common)? :)

He also negates Ramsey's abilities, leadership and decision making in tight spots. He overlooks Ramsey's production, even though he was with a poor supporting cast! This is odd, because, Carr was in a system like Drew Brees where 2/3's of the offense was pass, while Harrington did basically the same thing as Ramsey, but Harrington had better players around him. Tell's you PR has added to some folks portfolios.

Well the people who spent time on Championship teams don't think this is bad pick, so I will side with them on this one and leave the future where it belongs, not with Ms. Cleo.

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I agree with the assessment at this preliminary stage that the #2 pick, Betts, is a question mark. No one else had him going this high and I have yet to read a draft report on him that supports his rise to the status of elite back in the NFL.

The PFW review was more stark in noting that Betts simply lacked any special gifts. He was productive in college, but lacks the speed, size and quickness to be a top prospect for the NFL.

Evidently, the Redskins went with him on the basis of his college production alone.

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Warner isn't that mobile. Marino wasn't. He does remind me of Marino, though, he doesn't have that lightning release. Ramsey is not without questioning. He's got a very good arm and he should be fine. Dr. D, we shouldn't assume this guy is full of it, but, we should weigh this with other avenues of input on Ramsey.

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He slammed Ramsey before he was selected and he wasnt on my draft list either.

I disagree about Betts finishing 3rd, the lady might have twins.

All this does is make my head ache worse.

I still say S Davis isnt gonna lose any sleep over this guy and Sage if given a fair shot is going to beat out Ramsey

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Ramsey does have a strong arm and you know as well as I do that a guy with a strong arm tend to force the ball into coverages, thereby accumulating interceptions.

I am not as concerned about Ramsey as the rest of the picks.

If he is intelligent and coachable Spurrier should be able to mold an offense around him and his skills.

You may end up with Ramsey and Rosenfels as the quarterbacks here over the long-term beyond 2002.

I think the trade for Matthews is dead in the water now. If the Skins get Matthews it will be as a free agent after June 1.

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As I have said elsewhere, the only real problem that I have iwth the Betts pick is that it's largely the same thing as Dallas picking up Carter a year ago. The pick may be justified for the quality of hte player that you get, and for his production on your team, but you can't justify wher hte guy was picked because there simply weren't many other suitors for him at that point in the draft. To be blunt, I have the feeling that we would have been able to get him where we picked up Bauman or even Russell.

But, he filled a need (bye bye Ki-Jana), maybe not the most pressing of needs, but there you go. And at this point in the year, it doesn't pay to be a pessimist. You just get yourself frustrated over mind games.

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Hey Guys, Mel Kiper (yeay I know Mel who?) said this;

This is from his ESPN insider column.............

Raiders, Cowboys get high marks

Sunday, April 21 Updated 11:14 AM EST

Here is my look back at the first three rounds of the 2002 NFL draft:


Oakland Raiders: I applaud three of the first four picks they made. They get an A+ for their work in the first round, getting cornerback Phillip Buchanon and outside linebacker Napoleon Harris. Then they got the fast, pass-receiving tight end they needed, Doug Jolley, in the second round. I thought offensive tackle Langston Walker was a reach in the second round. We'll have to find out if he has the feet to be a right tackle.

Dallas Cowboys: I particularly loved their selection of receiver Antonio Bryant late in the second round. He could be the best pick of the entire draft. The Cowboys got an immediate impact player on defense in safety Roy Williams. Andre Gurode gives them a combination guard and center and was an excellent value pick early in the second round. I also thought cornerback Derek Ross was a strong third-round choice.

Washington Redskins: Taking Patrick Ramsey with the final pick of the first round, Steve Spurrier gets a strong-armed quarterback who can be groomed to start. Although they still need to address needs on their offensive and defensive lines, the selections of running back Ladell Betts, cornerback Rashad Bauman and receiver Cliff Russell were solid.

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I'm undoubtedly in the minority here, but I think we got the best QB in the draft, particularly for SS's system. We definitely got the strongest arm. He may be a bust, but at least he won't kill us on the cap a la Heath-boy.

Like everyone else, I am not so comfortable with Betts. From what I read, he may be just a slower version of one of our former 2nd rounders -Skip Hicks :puke: Oddly enough, though, my guess is he's the only one drafted who might see playing time outside of special teams.

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