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Official Skins draft prediction thread

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Alright ,we've heard about trades and rumors of trades. We've debated, studied and scrutinized hundreds of scenarios for months. None of it will mean a frigggin thing come Saturday night.

We are in the crucible gentlemen and I intend to find out which of you can stand the heat and who is left wanting.

As of this date and this time a scant 48 hours prior to the draft two facts remain:

1. We have the 18th pick in the first round

2. We have the 20th pick in the second round

Everything else is speculation and theory.

Now it's time to put up or shut up. Now it's time to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Now it's time to stand up and be counted. Now it's time to make the call.

This isn't about what you think the Redskins SHOULD do. No, this is about what you think the Redskins WILL do.

Post your predictions here and let them stand naked and unwashed for all to see.

Here's my fearless predictions:

We will sign Trotter prior to the draft.

We will not trade up to get Harrington.

We will select Gurude, OG from Colorado at 18.

We will select Andre Davis, WR from Va Tech at 52.

We will trade for Shane Mathews and he will battle Sage for the starting QB job.

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1. The Redskins won't be able to trade up for a reasonable price and will stick at #18 and select a receiver.

2. The Redskins will move up in round 2 (by trading the #4 pick and perhaps a pick next year) and select Patrick Ramsey within the first five picks.

3. The Redskins will draft a DT at #5 and will draft a safety at #6.

4. The Redskins WILL sign Trotter

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1. The Detroit Lions will select Joey Harrington thus ending any speculation that the Redskins will trade up with Jacksonville to move ahead of Cincinnati in hopes of choosing Harrington.

2. The Redskins will stick with the 18th pick after not being able to trade down and select DE Kalimba Edwards, South Carolina

3. With their second round pick the Redskins will select DT Eddie Freeman, UAB. If gone they will select DT Larry Triplett Washington.

4. They will trade a low round pick (6th) to the Bears for Shane Matthews

5. The Redskins will sign Trotter.

6. The Redskins will select a safety in round 4 or 5. If in round 4, they then will select a OG in 5. If they select the OG in round 4 then they'll select a S in round 5.

7. The Redskins will resign Ki-Jana Carter to back up Davis after he gets no offers from any other teams.

8. The Redskins will pick up Ike Hilliard after the Giants cut him to avoid having more than one problem in the locker room.

9. Michael Westbrook will retire from football after no teams offer him a contract.

10. ......

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Nighthawk, I'll be simply stunned if your's comes closest. essentially your saying spurrier get's nothing through the draft for the O except a project guard? (I don't count mathews as worth mentioning.)

I seriously doubt Spurrier gets nothing for his side. I see Trotter as being the big splash for marvin Lewis. Lewis will get a DT (probably 4th rd.) but that's about all he gets out of the draft after getting Armistead, Wynn and Trotter.

While Lewis has gotten Wynn, Armistead and likely Trotter for a high ranked D (last year), Spurrier's gotten a center, Rod Jones at guard,and a bunch of second tier recievers. No improvement has really been made to last years O except for addition by subtraction (marty, idiot OC and incompetent QB gone). right now I think the players brought in equal the players lost on the O side. The only difference is at coach.

1st and 2cd will be someone who can impact the O. Harrington if at all possible. I've felt that all along. If not, then Ramsey. The other will be WR, hopefully Andre Davis in the second.

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Actually, Ramsey is my third option in the 2nd round but I wouldn't be surprised to see him selected ahead of a DT.

You seem to have forgotten the one major addition to our offense from last year that will make the biggest difference and that's Spurrier himself.

I just read an article today, it might have been the Washington Post where Spurrier only cares about WR's, QB's and RB's and leaves everyone else to his assistant coaches. That's not the direct quote but you get the jest of it.

He's brought in three WR's to go with the 5 we all ready have. He's brought in two QB's and hopes to add another one by trading for Matthews so I just don't see the need to draft another WR or another QB. I doubt he wants to reinvent the wheel by having to try and teach another young QB his system when he can tweak it with his old college QB's.

I'm probably wrong but so what, that's what these days are for, speculating.

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Ahh, predictions. Let's see.....

1. We will sign Trotter shortly, but watch out, if this happens on draft day, it means the Redskins plan on making a trade because that'd be a shiny trophy to polish up on Saturday, almost distracting us from the fact that we traded :).

2. Assuming Trotter isn't a Saturday announcement, we'll trade down a few spots, picking up a third rounder. We'll use our first on Ramsey, second on Caldwell and third on Alex Brown. Assuming Trotter is a Saturday announcement, we'll make a splash on Saturday with a trade, likely for Harrington, but, you never know if we might go with a DT just to confound the world :).

That's all I'm doing :)

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Hell, I'm game............I'll give this a try.

We WILL sign Trotter

No trade for Harrington, and keep the 18th pick

1st rd---Jabar Gaffney

2nd rd--Fred Weary ( Tennessee )

4th rd--Dorsett Davis Dt

5th rd- highest rated saftey left on the Skins board

6th -- trade to Chicago for Matthews

7th--best available

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1) Trotter signed soon after the draft. I don't believe Mort.

2) Skins stay at 18 and get Harrington. I believe all this talk from teams before us is just butt smoke.

3) Skins take either Weary G, Weaver DT , Caldwell WR with 2nd pick.

Please keep this confidential.


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Well here is my revised one - it includes a trade in the first round with the 49ers. They want to trade up and grab either Kalimba Edwards or Levi Jones (I havent decided) who have not been selected in teh 1st 17 picks.

Redskins' Draft Picks

1 #18 Pick Traded to 49ers for pick #27 and #61

With #27 the Redskins select QB Patrick Ramsey

2 #52 - DE Dennis Johnson

2 #61 (aquired via trade) - OG Fred Weary

4 #118 - S Pig Prather

5 #160 - DT Charles Hill

6 #192 - DT Chad Beasley

7 #230 - WR Aaron Lockett

7 #257 - DE/DT Grant Irons

Once again, I reserve right to deny that I ever posted this ;)

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Like I said before, Art, Great Minds. We trade down and pick up a third round pick, Draft Ramsey and Caldwell. I don't know who we take with the third round pick, I have not thought that one through and it gets too variable at that point.

But I think we are going to miss on Trotter. Mendes is not going to overpay and I think the Vikings will. They just need him more than we do.

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Here goes nothing:

1. Right before the draft is to start, Snyder announces that the Washington Redskins have signed LB Jeremiah Trotter (he just loves to steal the spotlight).

2. Because Harrington and the big four DT are all long gone, the Skins' brass trade down to ? and pick up an extra 3rd and 6th round pick (similar to the trade made by the Colts last year).

3. In round 1, Redskins draft G Kendall Simmons.

4. Round 2 - Reche Caldwell

5. Round 3 - Dorsett Davis

6. Round 4 - Pig Prather

(With Smoot, Davis, and Prather, Spurrier stops the rumors that he is acquiring just Florida players. He wants as much of that MSU defense that shut him out in 2000 as possible)

7. Round 5 - Watch out for a rookie QB

8. Round 6 - traded to Chicago for Shane Matthews

9. Round 7 picks - who knows? SS knows a lot of college players so hopefully we'll get some value.

I'm not saying this is the way I hope it all goes down but just a couple of wild predictions.

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Hmmnn, ok I can do this.

1) The Skins stand on their pick (taking in order of availability) Harrington QB, Gurode G/C or or trade down a few and get Ramsey QB(may be a reach here but I like him a lot better than Kittner, trade down would be a 4th likely).

2) Here it gets a little dicier, in order of availability, Kittner if no QB was selected in the first, the best available DT/DE[Haynesworth DT will drop to second]. Andre Davis WR. Charles Grant DE if available.

3) TE Matt Schobel or Terry Jones, both big honking TEs although Schobel will likely be gone, Marquies Anderson FS.

4) Ron Johnson WR, Will Overstreet DE

5) Mel Fowler U of MD if no center taken earlier, Qasim Mitchel OG

6) Martin Bibla OG Miami

7) Mr irrelevant will go for Shane Matthews if possible.

You will get Trotter, Houston has too many picks already and will trade up to get a MLB. The other teams do not want to spend the money. Westbrook will go to Dallas. :) Coleman may be cut in June yet.

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I'd say the Redskins trade down and recoup a third maybe even a second rd pick and draft. I hope they grab Freeman if they do so. Hopefully this would make our defense strong down the middle allowing Trotter to make big plays. I'm pretty sure that Marvin Lewis will hide our weaknesses and work to our strengths regardless.

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Haynesworth DT will drop to second

I realize I'm new here, and for all I know, Joe a Cowboys fan might be a knowledgeable poster on this board most times. But statements like these are what confirm to me that Cowboy's fans have to be about the dumbest on earth.

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Here are my fearsome day one predictions:

1. Skins will draft Kendall Simmons in round one.

2. Skins will take Alex Brown in round two (from the forums I've visitied, it seems nobody wants their team to draft this guy...I'm going with the Spurrier connection here even though I'm not very sold on him).

3. Skins will sighn Trotter

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Maybe so but what impressed you more about Haynes, his 1.5 sacks when John Henderson on the other side started the season with a high ankle strain, took the double teams and still got 6 sacks or at the combine when Henderson, Sims and Bryant were benching for 30+ reps and Haynes managed only 16 reps.

Me I favor what they did in the games myself and not what they did in the dog and pony shows. Something is not quite right with Haynesworth and I feel he will drop. Will he fall as far as Rogers or the DT you guys took last year, (4th or 5th round?)Mounds. I don't know but he makes me nervous. I think he should have stayed at UT another year and seasoned a bit more myself.

Every year someone slips you wouldn't have guessed. I notice you didn't mention Harrington and he could go anywhere from 3 to 18 depending on what you think and who you believe.

If I am wrong the 4 DTs mentioned here should go between about 8-16th pick. If not then youhave a shot at Haynes in the first, maybe Simms too. Good luck.

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Basically, I haven't a clue of what we'll do. :)

But that's no fun. So I predict:

None of our Day Two picks will be with the team in 2004.

The team will end up re-signing Westbrook, largely to irritate me.

We will either sign Trotter tomorrow or not at all.

We will finish up at the end of Saturday with neither Bledsoe nor Harrington.

We will take a WR in Round One.

At least two picks will send everyone scouring the 'Net for information about guys we've never heard of (think Quincy Sanders or Nate Stimson).

We will convince ourselves that every pick has some potential to make it.

The name of Vinnie Cerrato will be cursed.

The player we take at #52 will become a fan favorite for years.

Dallas will screw up big time. I'm not sure how just yet. It won't matter and their fans will defend whatever decisions they've made regardless of their record or how those players perform.

Our first round pick will hold out. Not for too long, but they'll hold out.

No matter how well we draft, the national media will claim that Spurrier made neophyte mistakes.

I will complain about who we took.

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