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Welcome to the new Extremeskins. As you see, our facelift is nearly complete and we believe you'll enjoy the nips and tucks Blade, Die Hard and Tim have worked so hard to create. The site is not yet complete, so, as you look around, if something looks a little out of place, or you don't understand something, please let us know, and feel free to ask. Some of the features I'm excited about, in particular, is the scrolling news feature on the front. Every one of you will help grow our news archive and keep this action full of Redskins and related news. When you come across an article that is somehow of interested to the Redskins you can submit that for front page news in a number of ways.

First, you can simply post this on the main board. Once we see it, we can cut and paste the article into the news section and our archive will grow with Redskin news so we never miss a thing. However, the best way to submit this type of item is to click the "Submit News" button which is on the right hand portion of the new front page. Put the entire article cut and pasted in the window, AND you MUST include the link to the story in the preceeding the cut and paste, and that article will be submitted to us for final addition. As we grow, we'll be able to link sites and work our main message boards in with the front page to fully integrate Extremeskins as your one stop shopping place for Redskins news.

Please continue to help us find any issues we may still have, whether bug-like, or simply you don't like how something looks, or feels. Enjoy. Once this is done, we won't have to move around again. This is very robust software and you will appreciate the benefits.

Extremeskins Staff.

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BEFORE you start posting... go to the "User Cp" at the top. Click the EDIT OPTIONS button. And for "Use 'Email Notification' by default?" make sure "NO" is selected.

This will avoid your mailbox being swamped with unnecessary emails. It's a temporary fix that we'll be implementing on Sunday. Until then.... BE WARNED!!!!

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OrangeSkin - Go to "User Cp" at the top of the screen. When in your Control Panel... click on the "Edit Options" button. Go to the bottom of the page where you see "Avatars". Click on the "more info..." link. There's a legend of all the ranks there. It's incomplete right now... but it's there.

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Man this SUCKS!!

I got demoted to bench warmer!! i worked so hard too! i guess ill need more work eh!

btw i found you need to adjust your time zone thingy for those who are noticing the times are wierd.

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I see Romo sits to pee beat me to the punch. :laugh:

A year down the toilet..... I must be in the coaches doghouse; this is my second demotion. :D Better start looking over my shoulder.... the turk's lurking somewhere out of site.... i just feel it.

By the way, are all names going to stay the same color or will we be able to change them if we wish like we did recently. It added a little bit of personality.

nice feature that; Being able to highlite text in a different color.

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Whoa! (looking and wandering around aimlessly). Lightened things up in some spots,(nice use of lighting), place is definately bigger. Lot's of.... @#%#@. Stains's still wet on this part of the bar. :shhh: News department. :cool: Hey, Len P.! :moon: Heh. I like that one. New staircase to (trip), @#$## finish gun, Tailgate. New furniture too. Well, I don't think cootr :stupid: will be able to find his way here right away so it should be safe from C.T. or Henry from :hammer: in the head with one of the new chairs. It's okay, we know where he lives. :toilet: Hey guys!

:notworthy :cheers:

So much for the veterans camp by the way. Hey, at least some of the other guys' avatars still play for the team....... UH Oh. :)

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yes I like some of the new bells and whistles....but

it IS very much more busy.

Also its confusing.

the BB as its laid out, is difficult to read.

A flow chart of some sort would be helpful as well as some sort of help screen explaining what is what and where you are.

I had the whole authentication thing again. (meaning the old password did not work)

nowlet me ge this straight:

there is a website that is connected to the bulletin board?

IS the bulletin board contained WITHIN the website?

how do the 2 work together? In what capacity?


geez I am whining like an AARP member

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Like the overall feel. Very crisp edges. Clean look overall. Love the extra smiles and the way that the smile legend is presented and the larger window to write in.

Don't like the extra posts necessary to get to a better pic (I'm dying to get to the Smauels' pick). And I don't know if its just me, but some of the posters don't show a pic at all. Maybe that just isn't done.

Great site.

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The hyperlink some people put in their tag lines don't work. It has to copy and paste.

I really don't know it this is all just me, so I'm posting everything I can find. If all of these are universal and you already have a handle, I'll stop.

Course, I don't mind getting a few cheap posts in if it means getting past bench warmer.



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