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A plea to all going to the game...


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Me, being one of the many unfortunates who will not be attending Monday Nights game, am calling out my fellow Skins fans to do a civic duty for all of us "unfortunates."

I am asking all of you to make this the most documented game in Extremeskins history. I am asking (begging) for photos from tailgate, until the end of the 4th quarter. I really want to see every aspect of this event. I want to see the ThunderCrew at work, player warm-ups, tailgate, game photos, etc. Yes I know I am asking a lot here, but I am so pumped for this game, and I'm sure on behalf others they feel the same way. If you guys could do anything of this sort, I and many others would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

:wewantd: Give em' Hell Boys.

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Originally posted by Midswat

Question is . . . will you be around if the Cowboys win?

No, after a loss we all disappear and then during the week 30,000 new members just sign up again.

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