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WTF Washington Post????!!!!


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I woke up this morning, and after perusing the ONLY board of importance ;) , I move to the front page of the Washington Post to read the anticipated 'Start to a New Joe Gibbs Era' article.

Guess what I find on the front page ?




News about the hurricane. Okay. Certainly important.

News about a possible nuke test in N. Korea. Alrighty.

An article about the US Open being won by WHO???

I can't believe the freaking Washington Post doesn't put the return of Joe Gibbs on their front page.

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, but theWashington Times certainly felt it was front page material?

Makes you wonder whats going on at the Post??

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During football season I always buy the Post, I need the football information that they provided. Until 2 years ago, I would buy the post every day even in the off season, just to get any skins information. Then I found this site. My Post buying diminished to Sundays and Mondays. What can the Post tell me that this site hasn't already expounded on.

The post cut a player that was still on the team and never printed a retraction. CBS has already apoligized for the false Portis injury report.

I find the necessity of the Post is all but gone.

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Originally posted by Tommy-the-Greek

This is the biggest news in the NFL. The Legend returns and they do not give it front page status? The editor should be fired.

Well, according to ESPN, the 2 biggest stories this offseason were the Terrell Owens trade, and Ricky Williams retiring:rolleyes:

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Originally posted by Akhhorus

is this really worth getting your panties in a twist over? Who cares? And the last time I checked, they had Gibbs' return on the front page of the website.

Lighten up francis...:)

Just found it odd. Thats it.

And if you read the thread, you'll see they originally had nothing regarding the Skins on the front page.

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