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I need some advice from your Redskin fans...


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I have a friend who was a Greenbay packer fan. As soon as Gibbs came back, 8 months later he says he wants to be a Redskins fan again. Now this guy has talked junk about us in the past 2 years. He say that he apologies and he wants to be in with us. But this is what gets me......

1) He told me that he would never leave the Packers when he was a packer fan. Even if Farve left, he said he would be a Packers fan forever. Favre isnt gone.

2) He use to be a Redskin fan!!!!! When Gibbs was coaching he said he was a Redskin fan, but when Gibbs left and we started losing thats when he left.

3) Now this one is what really pisses me off. He went on to become a damn Dallas fan!!!!!! yep. Remember when Dallas was going to the Superbowl, he was cheering his ass off.

4) When Dallas began to suck, guess what?? He left LOL. Thats when he became a Green Bay packer fan. Now that he knows Gibbs is back, he wants to jump on the bandwagon.

Should I accept my friend to the fan base? Ever since I understood the game of football I have stuck with the Redskins through thick and thin. Is it fair to me or the rest of the fans who have been faithful Redskin fans through the bad times to allow him with open arms to the Redskin fan base who use to talk crap about us and jump from team to team? He say he promise he will not change again, but hey, Promises does get Broken.

DEM SKINS!!!! :dallasuck

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freakin fairweatherers!!! The only true redskin fan would never leave, even in the face of adversity... Does he think we have enjoyed the past 11 years? No, but we stick by the skins because they are OUR team... Tell him he can root for the redskins, but he will never be a true redskins fan.

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Make him say 1,000 Hail to the Redskins.

Go to the 'Skins vs. Packers game and burn all of his Packers gear in the parking lot before the game while denouncing every team except the Redskins forever.

Join Extremeskins and buy 20,000 beers for us.

After he does all that, we can take a vote to accept him back.

:logo: :helmet:

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