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turned 20!!!

Mr. S

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    • This is exactly right: Should have gone Farther
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Well, today I finally turned 20, though I havent felt like a 'teen' for the last 3 years now anyways. I gotta say I love this site as it alone has increased my football knowledge, as well as my love for the skins (also some political knowledge as well). Definitely got some festivities planned today, but first gotta get to class. Mods, you can move this, i know its outta place.

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you bloody Canadians. Yes I should be Master S for now, thing is, at work over the summer, they called me Mr. S, they couldnt say my full name Mr. Sachin, so they just said Mr. S, it stuck, hence why I changed it from hobo. I got one more year, but hell, im at JMU, i have enough sources anyways.

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