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After re-watching most of the Hall of Fame game on Tivo, and watching Saturday night's game, Ron Warner and Cornelius Griffin are the two bright spots on the d-line. Warner did have a good deal of success against second and third teamers, but he is very active and looked good shedding blocks on running plays and getting a push on passing downs. Since Williams has been pretty open about the fact that we will rotate fresh bodies in on the line this year (to, among other things, offset our lack of talent) Warner could be valuable.

If you have it taped or tivoed, watch Griffin in the first half in Canton. It's very impressive.

Reagan Upshaw also made a couple of plays Saturday night, but all in all, the d-line still frightens me.

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Originally posted by jbooma

Upshaw looks like a new man out there. I would like to see Warner against starting OL's before I call him the solution.

Did Noble play at all??

A little bit, but not too much. It was with the starters, IIRC. I remember his "club" being talking about a lot as he played... :laugh:


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Originally posted by milliondollarslim

did you realize that Warner is 29 years old and has bounced around the league for about 6 years. I was surprised at his age. he would be a REALLY late bloomer!!!!

I think this speaks volumes about our D-line situation.

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