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Hello fellow Skins fans! I’m new here, been away from football for about 10 or so years. Reason being, I devoted my life to nursing research and that was my cup of tea, per se. I’m a successful Nursing professor now and am finally getting some free time to catch up with my adored and loved Washington Redskins. Bear with me as I begin discussions with you guys. It may seem I’m little out there, but it’s only because I want to be just as die-hard and hardcore as you guys and gals are.

So here we are in 2004. The NFL has really, really changed since I can remember. Sure, I was able to sneak in a game or two here and there but not knowing the players on the field disinterested my interest in the game itself.

So, how’s this season looking so far? I hear this new owner of ours is one of the best in the NFL, true?

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So, tell me boys. Are we still rivals with the Cowboys as much as we were back then? Rypien always played very, very well against Jimmy’s boys.

We all still hate eachother, but the Cowboys went on a 10 game winning streak from 1997-2002, and they swept us again last year. That plus the fact that neither team has been very good for the past five or six years makes the rivalry a bit more of an effort to maintain, but we do our best. :)

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You’re probably right, National Defense. The other fellas were saying that both teams weren’t that good to begin with, I’m just wondering how we lost 10 in a row.

If I seem a little edgy, it’s because I was so passionate about the skins before I started school. Now, the fire is starting to be rekindled. Especially the hatred for the Cowboys.

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Welcome, Ray_Sanchez! In case you haven't read yet, Gibbs has returned to coach the Redskins after himself having a 10 (plus/minus) year break. You aren't by any chance related, are you?

Imagine... If Gibbs' return, a Redskins return to glory, and your return from a 10 year hiatus all coincide this season, you could potentially become the most popular guy on the Internet.

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Welcome Ray,

your gonna like it here these people are the best as is this site. so enjoy the ride back , you couldn't have come back at a better time then right now :cheers:

:ravensuck :gaintsuck :eaglesuck :dallasuck

HTTR :point2sky

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I tell ya there's nothing that gets me fired up more than having big-time football discussions with other lovers of the garnet and gold.

Blondie, you're the type of girl I dream of running into! LOL I look forward to talking X's and O's with ya.

NavyDave, "Dirty" Ray? LOL, not me! I notice your Doug Williams picture. Great quarterback. Hope this Ramsey kid can be half as good.

Portis, new stadium? What was wrong with RFK? That place epitomized the word tradition. I remember shaking the bleachers, trying to distract Rafael Septien year after year.

Mark, son, I hope so. I hope I came back at the right time.

Thanks for all the warm welcomes.

I picked up a couple mags (Street and Smith's, Pro Football Weekly). It's amazing how much things have changed. Troy Aikman actually grew up and won 3 SB's after being decleated many times by Sir Charles Mann. I never thought the kid would amount to anything.

They've got us ranked in the middle of the pack. Is this pretty accurate? My buddies keep saying that the Skins have looked good on paper for years now. Gibbs can turn it around though, right?

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Originally posted by Henry

I gotta tell ya, if you had to miss a decade of Redskin football you sure picked the right one. :)

Ain't that the effing truth. :puke:

Oh, about that dallas thing......

:wewantd: :dallasuck :wewantd: :dallasuck :wewantd: :dallasuck


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