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Taylor has his rookie initiation.....gets a Pie in the face from Arrington


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Originally posted by semiskin

That's kind of messed up if it had menthol in it, but either wayot's still kind of funny. Nothing will ever beat when they taped Ramsey up to the goal post and through water on him. Jansen was lovin' it.

Wasn't that jacobs?

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Redskins Note: Arrington put a scare into safety Sean Taylor yesterday, sneaking up behind the rookie while he was speaking to the media after a minicamp practice and hitting him in the face with a shaving cream pie. The prank -- something Williams called "part of being a rookie" -- left Taylor shaken and yelling that he could not see. Arrington helped Taylor wipe the cream from his face when he realized the youngster was having difficulty with his vision. Cornerback Shawn Springs was nearby, and he too tended to Taylor.

Taylor, who was the fifth overall pick in the draft and is unsigned at this time, was not seriously injured and left Redskins Park normally.

"I got him good, but I got him too good," Arrington said while leaving Redskins Park. "That's horrible. I feel bad now. But he'll be all right. . . . I've done that before and I've had it done to me, and I've never seen that. He panicked. He scared the bejesus out of me."

Menthol............none spoken of from the Post for Sunday.........

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