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  1. This is getting embarrassing now. The best thing they could have done would be to NOT engage and just give a stock reply of, "We do not believe the name is doing any harm and the debate surrounding it is entirely subjective." any time the question is posed. We can't win a PR battle, not because we're in the wrong, but because human psychology is what it is. The vast majority of the people wanting the name to change have no emotional investment in it. All they see is something parading as a "racial injustice" which they will reflexively put in the same category as emancipation and civil rights, because that's how the human brain works. Most thought about the issue all of 0 seconds. And now they feel like they've done their good deed for the day and deserve that cookie. Probably an Oreo. HEY, THAT'S AN ETHNIC SLUR! Nabisco, I hope you have smarter PR people than the Redskins do.
  2. The thing that pisses me off is that the more this gets discussed, the more the idea that the name is a slur gets spread. People don't have to find it personally offensive. If they hear that someone else is offended, they start to incongruously equate it to words that ARE personally offensive, like the N word. And if they hear that it's offensive with great frequency, it's going to sink in even faster. There's no PR battle to be won here. This method of attack would lead to any word being made taboo. Human psychology is such that the word "kit kat" could be a slur if a handful of people decided it was and started a campaign. In the future, obese people and/or people with acromegaly could claim "giant" is a slur. Vikings, Buccanneers, and Raiders could remind people of rape, robbery, and murder, leading to their ban. "Jets" were used in the most notorious terrorist attack on US soil. Cowboys scared the crap out of animals for a living. Even "Patriots" is starting to take on negative jingoistic connotations in our culture. It may sound ridiculous now, but never underestimate how susceptible the public consciousness is to suggestion. Given enough time chipping away, any small faction could get the public to take any of those ideas seriously. The well can so very easily be poisoned. But I'm a man of reason. If these groups can demonstrate through research that there would be a public benefit to the name change, then that would be one thing. So far, all we have are baseless claims about the harm it's doing and really underhanded debate tactics (notice that they argue from the position that Redskin is a universally accepted slur, rather than arguing that it is a slur -- which is the logical fallacy known as "begging the question"). In the meantime, I'm going to try to tune this out, because it's the only real way to fight it. I'm going to enjoy the name Redskin, because it's an awesome, intimidating name -- which is exactly why it was applied in the first place. The proposed alternative names are jokes and I'm STILL mad about Wizards, so I'm really not inclined to surrender it. Not without some proof that it's doing actual harm. My suspicion is that this isn't even about Redskin being offensive. These groups want all native American imagery removed from sports and they probably just view Redskin as the easiest domino to knock over.
  3. We always seem to get embarrassed in our alternates Let's go with them vs the Bengals and Vikings.
  4. Just because those shoes aren't black doesn't mean we're not using black shoes this season. It's not up to Nike and it wasn't up to Reebok.
  5. Spear

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    So, basically, his argument is that Colt isn't NFL material because he threw for a lot of yards at Hawaii. Something in the water, I guess. Good thread. Glad I read it. Really brought some fresh insight to the table... ::cough::
  6. Spear

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Orakpo and Ware have the same birthday? Weird.
  7. Spear

    Random Thought Thread

    Whoops, I was looking for the Laundromat of Landry.
  8. I think the feather mohawk is terrible in aesthetics and design. And the 70-71 helmets are just Lombardi's cheap attempt to turn us into the Packers. The modern helmets are superior to all.