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4 Fantasy Football Keepers - 3 Slots


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Man...that was tough...especially this early on. I went Vick, Taylor, Moss. I was torn on Taylor/Davis. I kind of factored Foster into the equation but who knows. Just make sure your first pick is a RB though :laugh: Taylor is due an injury this year :paranoid:

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The tough choice is obviously between Davis and Taylor. I went Taylor b/c I think he may finally be putting his injury woes behind him. And it isn't like davis plays many injury free seasons either.

When Taylor is really on....he outgains Davis.

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As much as I hate to say it, get rid of Stephen Davis. He’ll be sharing carries with Foster all next year unless something happens to either player.

Im kind of in the same position in my FFL. I unwisely kept Davis out of loyalty to him this year. :doh:

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Originally posted by section 226

Keep Moss, Vick, and Davis. Damn, I would hate to see the other keepers in your league man.

Since you bring it up, the other keepers (projected by me) in the league are:

A – Tomlinson, Hasslebeck, Ward/Shockey/Barlow

B – Jamal Lewis, Edge, McNair or Favre

C – Manning, Portis, TO (yikes)

D – S. Alexander, Dillon, Coles

E – Culpepper, M. Harrison, T. Henry or E. Moulds

F – Ahman Green, D. McAllister, Chad Johnson (double yikes)

G – Faulk, T. Holt, Pennington

H – Priest Holmes, Ricky Williams, D. McNabb or A. Boldin

I – C. Martin, T. Gonzalez, D. Boston (this team is in trouble)

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Originally posted by TankRizzo

I'm in a keep three league as well....mine are going to be Portis, Ricky Williams and Chad Johson. :D Ricky really screwed me big time last year :mad:

Ricky is due for a rebound year. Keep the faith, and keep your fingers crossed that the rumored failing of the NFL's drug policy doesn't result in a suspension...

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I am protecting Ricky this year as well - I have no one else. All of the reports of disarray in Miami's recent minicamp do not alleviate my fears. Oh well.

I chose Taylor over Davis. I think the DeShaun Foster is going to steal a chunk of Stephen's carries. I also believe that Stephens’s legs are beginning to tire. We'll see.

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I voted for Moss, Taylor, Davis. I play A LOT of FF. QBs can be had late in drfats. No need to waste an early pick or keep one when you can get guys like Green, Brady, Brooks in the mid-late rounds. BUT, after reading who you think will be kept by the other owners I am reconsidering. With some many teams keeping a QB you might be better off keeping Vick. Looks like your league loves QBs. What pick in the draft do you have? Who is picking ahead of you? If every team picking ahead of you keeps a QB, dump Vick and redraft him if you want. If every team picking ahead of you needs a QB, you might want to keep Vick.

Don't listen to people telling you Taylor is an injury risk. He has played 2 full seasons in a row. Thats more than you can say for Davis. Taylor is also younger than Davis. If your scoring system heavily favors TDs Davis gets a slight edge. If its regular scoring or yardage/reciption based, Taylor by a lot.

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The first two are locks.. Vick and Moss. No discussion there.

I'd say pick Davis over Taylor. Here's why:

Taylor gets no goal line carries anymore. He's stayed healthy because the Jags limit his touches.. especially inside the red zone. Taylor will get decent yardage, but he won't get touchdowns. If your league values TDs at all, you have to take Davis over Taylor.

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You need to keep Taylor, he's a double dip guy with his recieving ability and can bust off the long TD also. (As a fantasy owner you know as well as I that the cheesy assed 40 yard TD run he can pop off at the end of a game can save a crappy day). To cut him because of worry about injury would be justified if the other back wasn't a pounder that has potential of shared carries with a guy that's a bit more of a break-away threat. You can probably get a guy with Davis' potential on darft day, I don't think the same will happen with Taylor. Keep Freddy.

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In the late rounds take Dominick Davis?? Sorry, you'll need a time machine to him in the late rounds.

Taylor is a better back than Davis. As others have said, recent history suggests Davis is a bigger injury risk.

1998 Jacksonville Jaguars 15 12

1999 Jacksonville Jaguars 10 9

2000 Jacksonville Jaguars 13 13

2001 Jacksonville Jaguars 2 2

2002 Jacksonville Jaguars 16 16

2003 Jacksonville Jaguars 16 16

1996 Washington Redskins 12 0

1997 Washington Redskins 14 6

1998 Washington Redskins 16 12

1999 Washington Redskins 14 14

2000 Washington Redskins 15 15

2001 Washington Redskins 16 16

2002 Washington Redskins 12 12

2003 Carolina Panthers 14 14

PS> last year's stats:

Davis: 1,603 total yards, 8 TD

Taylor: 1,942 total yards, 8 TD

Taylor & Portis carried me to the championship game.

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Moss and Vick are no-brainers, then it's a toss-up. I voted for Taylor, because i think their offense is gonna be pretty good this season. And FT just had his first injury-free season, and is the man in JAX. I would be worried about Greg Jones taking goal line carries from him though...

Davis is going to give up a lot of carries to Deshaun Foster, and will not be seen on third downs except in short yardage situations. IMO this is the season you start to see Davis wear down.

don't know if anybody noticed, but the link that shims put up for the fantasy site has a link to BANG's cartoons....

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Vick is not a no brainer. QBs are much easier to find than runningbacks and this is for ONE SEASON ONLY. RBs are crucial in fantasy football and normally I'd say to dump Vick...However, like Sebowski said there are alot of other QBs being kept so keeping Vick makes more sense. Keep Taylor over Davis. Davis has had more recent injury troubles than Freddy and he has Deshaun Foster stealing a signifcant number of carries.

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This will be unpopular, but I would keep Taylor, Davis, and Moss

Running backs are at a premium, especially if you are starting two. I won my league last year with hasselbeck and farve as Qb's. I drafted them in rounds 7 and 8. Backs get hurt, keep these two and draft one in round one.

Of course that's my best guess without knowing your scoring system

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