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I have always admired objectivity and the ability to criticize fairly. In this thread I would like those who don't support Bush to list what they do like about the man as President. What has he achieved or accomplished that you respect? What initiative has he sponsored that without question works? When has he been a good leader and a positive for this country?

I'll start with this one. I admire Bush's steadfastness, his resoluteness. I believe that his work in building a coalition and taking on Afghanistan was brilliantly done. He rallied the country and did in months what the Soviet Union could not do in decades. I think that increasing the level of intercommunication between the Secret Service, FBI, and CIA is a good idea. Information should not be proprietary between these groups.

Please in these threads, put no caveats, buts, or snyde remarks. If you perceive the man to be evil, a villian, or good, and a champion leave that to the side for the moment. No leader only does good, and none do only bad. I'll be curious to see how/if people respond and if this can be done honestly and not politically.

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I like that he has finally recognized our immigration policy as broken. I even think his proposal for temporary work visas is a good one.

The work he did to get a coalition to go to Afganistan was also well done.

I wtihold judgement on the department of homeland security because I don't know enough about it to know if it has indeed increased communication between agencies. I suspect those of us on the outside may never know. ON the surface though, it seems like a good idea.

The wrok with getting Libia to peacefuly disarm also appears to be well done at this time.

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Burgold - this is really hard if one is to remain objective.

Bush is making Michael Moore look less and less radical as time goes on.:doh:

Saddam is no longer in power, which is good, but how Bush went about it isn't.

American relations with the UN and most of the world have never been so poor, so it's an almost certainty that moving forward, they will improve.

The finger printing at points of entry, good idea. Air marshals and tighter airport security are good ideas.

He's given a lot of ammo to comedians; Will Ferrell doing Bush at the Harvard convocation speech was one of the funniest things I've ever seen (http://www.extremeskins.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=28952&highlight=harvard).

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I'll admit, I had to search some, but,

He really seems to be a guy who's got a plan, and will stick with it. He doesn't shy away from setting high goals. (Man on the moon. Liberal (as in "civil liberties") democracy in the Mid East.)

On the "other hand" side, (there's always another hand. In politics there're millions of 'em), he doesn't always seem willing to tell the people what his real objective is, (which isn't always a bad thing: I personally have some great ideas about how things ought to be done, and I'm absolutely certain that the majority of the people wouldn't support them when first proposed. That's all part of leadership.).

I also observe that many of his lofty goals seem to produce results that are downright satanic. So much so that I'm often wondering if the satanic results were the real objective, and the lofty goals were simply the matador's cape. However, politics often produces undesirable results, and because politics is a co-operative effort, it's often imposible to determine blame. (I'm certain that this is deliberate.)

Sometimes it seems he's a lot better at declaring lofty goals than he is at implimenting them. But that's not a bad thing, either. I still give Kennedy a lot of credit for Apollo, even if Johnson and Nixon actually oversaw the implementation, because the project wouldn't even have been started without Kennedy's speach. (And, I tend to think the President's primary job isn't in legislating, anyway: The power in the Federal government is supposed to be Congress. The President's job, and his power, is his ability to lead the people.)

I guess, in short, it's refreshing to have a leader who actually has some positions. (Even though I suspect he's trying to decieve us about what they are.)

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No "if"s, "but"s, or "however"s:

* Presenting a calm yet resolute face in the wake of September 11, and serving as an effective rallying point for Americans: in short, being a leader in a time of crisis

* Successfully gaining international support for the conflict in Afghanistan

* Once in Iraq, leading a swift military victory that minimized coalition casualties

* Revamping immigration procedures

* Refusing to absolutely kowtow to the far right on gay marriage and abortion

* Improving his communication skills significantly since taking office

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Originally posted by Ancalagon the Black

* Refusing to absolutely kowtow to the far right on gay marriage and abortion

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I can tell, the only thing the religous far right wants that hasn't been fully and instantly delivered is a Constitutional Ammendment that the majority of the voters oppose.

And even then, he won't say he thinks it's wrong, only that he's not activly supporting it.

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Originally posted by Sarge

A Democrat would maybe have attacked Afganistan.........MAYBE, and then only with UN approval. We certainly would not have gone to Baghdad

Yeah, Sarge, maybe Goreski would have followed Klinton's lame example and lobbed a few missiles over there. Or maybe not - afterall all those missiles might pollute the atmosphere.


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