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3 minutes ago, China said:

Why is it so many teams put out a black uniform when their colors aren't black.  Michigan State did it last year as well, as have many other schools (Ohio State, Florida, Tennessee, Oregon, etc.).  Is it because marketing people think black uniforms are super cool and badass?  




I suspect they sell well. 

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During their Wednesday team meeting, Coach Prime received complaints about a cluttered locker room and he wasted no time addressing the internal issue as a priority. Playing footage of the disorganized locker room strewn with cluttered shoes, joggers, and other items, Deion Sanders confronted Shedeur & Co., stating, “So we know whose locker those were, correct? Yes, but we’re a team, correct? So all of us are going to pay for that. It’s our house… Some of you were raised like that. Your parents let you get down like that? I am not one of those parents. So we’re going to take care of that after practice today.”

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