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So about this Chicago Game?

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35 minutes ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

Yeah. We went over this yesterday. 


Stupid that it says 1-16 since 1998, why not just leave that part out and just say 2-16 since 1997 instead, since that’s the year the stadium opened in the first place? Is the Washington post THAT dumb?

To make it sound worse.  Kinda lame, but it is pretty effective.  

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On 9/19/2019 at 12:54 PM, Bang said:

This is a chance to break the curse.

Chicago's offense is GARBAGE. Even OUR defense can hold Trubisky. He looks completely lost with the ball.
Press him and he will fold right up like a card table.


yeah yeah their defense. They'll get theirs, so don't turn the ball over. Minimize the damage. Period. There will be shots we can take so long as we don't make the crucial error of giving them short fields turning it over.

I say 17 points wins this game.

We can get that.

And i bet they can't.



Guys, get your cameras. Bang was wrong.

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On 9/20/2019 at 11:51 AM, KDawg said:

Honestly? What do we have to look at that's positive?


More than people let on.


Trubisky is awful. Traditionally this is a game where he throws for 300 and 4 TDs. But, this is also a chance for Manusky to get aggressive and attack. 


The Bears D is good, but their O is so bad that this fits our offensive strategy better. We can go for burst yards and scores and not worry about TOP. 


The offense has been decent this season. Not great. And the Chicago D is going to give us problems. But being able to go for burst is going to help a bit.


I don't envision good things, but they sure as **** can line up for a streak breaker.


That's the biggest thing... Streaks can't last forever. So maybe this is the year!




I nailed tradition at least.

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