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The offical we are not drafting D-line in the first thread


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I know i sound like a broken record but NO D-lineman will be taken in the first round by the redskins in 2004. Would i like it to happen yes but it wont due to the FA's that will be on the market. Im tired of getting blasted for looking at other positions besides DE and DT for the first round selection.

In the first round we will be going TE,RB,S,OLB,OR CB plain and simple and we will pick the best player on the board out of those positions. When Champ is trade we will have another pick to play with and then we will go with the B.P.A at those positons as well or trade it for a Franchised free agent.

The D-lineman coming out this year are weak and personally i would be pissed if we take one alot higher than he should be selected. Could this team benefit more from the presence of Sean Taylor ?? Kellen Winslow JR. ?? Kevin Jones?? Michael Boulware?? Karlos Dansby?? the answer is obviously yes.

So in closeing please dont blast me for haveing a different perspective then you.

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IM WITH YOU lavarleap56!!!

Look people, there is 1 d linemen worth taking in the top 20 this year maybe even the top 30, and that guy is Tommy Harris (if he comes out) and he will be gone in the top 3. Other than that it would be stupid to waste a pick just because we need that position, we would end up getting a BUST!!! I am not against taking D Line, and would love it if we could, but it'd be dumb since there are NONE to take this year, I would consider several guys after the top 25 like Lavalais/Smith/etc....... but not with our high first rounder. We SHOULD be looking at these other positions right now.

I think our draft board should look like this right now:

1. Sean Taylor S

2. Kevin Jones RB

3. Kellen Winslow TE

4. Stephen Jackson RB

5. DeAngelo Hall CB, if he comes out and Champ leaves

7. Possibly DJ Williams but i dont know about that one

8. if none of these guys are available trade down

My prediction, which would make me very very happy,

With the sixth pick in the 2004 NFL Draft the Washington Redskins select.......................Sean Taylor University of Miami (crowd goes crazy)

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I tend to agree that it is quite possible that the skins do not draft a DL in the 1st. As other posters have mentioned, the DL class is light at the top this yr, but there is good depth, so quality can be had in the 2/3 round. I think Sean Taylor will be the target in the 1st.

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So use the first round pick to secure a guy like Abraham or Kearse if necessary.

I can't see dropping a high pick on a TE unless Winslow is the guy.

Don't forget,, Robert Royal is still here,, and while nothing great,, he's worth looking at again, I think.

All the talk about DT.. I think our DTs play has been ok,, nothing great,, nothing horrible. Just OK

However, I think if we could mount any pressure from the ends, if we could crash the pocket from the outside, if we had ends fast enough to pursue the back-side,,,, the DT play would improve 100%

I can count on one hand the number of times in two years I have said "nice play Reynaldo Wynn"

I can barely count that for Bruce Smith.

When i pull up my fingers to count for Regan Upshaw, all I can count is personal fouls.

We've got tackles we can play with in-house, Dalton, Holsey, Chase... they haven't been great, but in my eyes, they haven't been the blame for the poor line play.

So, what about a MLB?


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Originally posted by lavarleap56

Thank You, and agree with you 100% skins 26. Its funny how everyone is screaming for Will Smith but he projects as a linebaker in a 3-4 defense in the NFL.

Lavar we might be using a 3-4 next year. Smith is basically a bigger Suggs :)

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What do you guys think the chances of us trading our pick are? We are going to have a pick between 5-11 and I dont think there are any players worthy of such a high pick. It is my belief that we could get more value by trading to a higher spot in the draft (20-30) and taking a tight end and safety there while picking up a few more picks. I also wouldnt mind seeing our first round pick traded for a high caliber defensive lineman.

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The last thing we need is another receiver (Winslow). Unless something changes (like losing Gardner and McCants), we have enough people to get the ball to. We just can't seem to run the offense past about game 3, when everyone catches on to how the offense works.

Simply said, defense wins championships. We need the best defensive player available on the board.

As for drafting a TE, I'd rather just draft a semi-fast tackle and put him on the end to help block. Has anyone done this before? Now we'd have 6 linemen out there and no excuses for not picking up blitzes. Another lineman would help in the run game as well by creating another hole for the RB to go through.

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Are we writing off our stating safeties already? Bowen is finishing his first year as a starter. I think that he has the potential to be good. ALthough he did make some mistakes, he shows promise. Terrell is terrible and Iffy is solid. IMO consistency is key at defensive back.

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Not writeing the safeties off at but the F.O. wants to move Bowen to S.S. and get a F.S. this year then bring Iffy off the bench in the Todd Franz role of this year.

When we trade Champ i can see us sending that extra pick to Tennesse for Jevon Kearse. Dont expect to be tradeing down though.

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