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AP:Ramsey playing on broken foot


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Ramsey playing on broken foot

Redskins quarterback doesn't recall when he suffered the injury



Tuesday, November 18, 2003

ASHBURN - Washington Redskins quarterback Patrick Ramsey has been playing all season with a broken bone in his right foot.

"It's flared up pretty bad recently," said Ramsey, who has had difficulty planting the foot when throwing. "It's just something I'm trying to fight through."

Coach Steve Spurrier revealed the injury one day after Ramsey had one of his worst games of the season in a 20-17 loss at Carolina.

Ramsey said the foot started hurting during training camp. An X-ray disclosed an old fracture. Ramsey has no idea when or how it happened.

Ramsey said he wasn't really bothered by the injury until the past couple of weeks.

"It's hard to push off my back foot. It's hard to turn my hips. It's hard to do a lot of things," Ramsey said. "We're trying to do all we can to support it and keep it going."

Ramsey was 16 for 35 for 150 yards and missed two wide open receivers for sure touchdowns against the Panthers. His 53.5 completion percentage ranks 31st in the league.

Ramsey also was sacked three times Sunday, bringing his season's total to 29. Ramsey said he doesn't intend to take a game off to let the foot heal.

"Not if I can play," he said.

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This explains his lack of accuracy lately. Pat, we Skins fans adore your toughness and we KNOW you are the QB of the future.... but dude you gotta sit and heal up for a while. We want you to have a LOOOOOOONG career.

Let see what we have in the "other" Hasslebeck for a couple games. This season is now about getting experience for all of our young guys.

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You just gotta love this kid dontcha. 14 TDs and 8 INT on a broken foot? In his second year? Sheesh.

That said, it is a bit troubling to hear this is an 'old' injury that has flared up. I'd hate for it to turn out to be a chronic thing he has to deal with every season. It might behoove him, and us, if he sat for a few games. I mean hell, we're 4-6.

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