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GIF Breakdown: Jordan Reed vs Bears (9 receptions, 120 yards, 1 TD on 10 targets)


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When he's healthy ... he's so good.


Is there any way to just move him to receiver at this point? I mean, you could line him in the slot most of the time. His size negates 95% of DB's ability to cover him. I dunno, I just want to minimize his offensive penalties at this point.

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Thanks for the breakdowns!


Don't know if opposing defenses are causing us to run that play where we send all of our most speedy receivers all over the field in zone coverage, but it looks to be getting Jordan Reed and almost all of our receivers wide open throughout games.


Hope teams keep defending our offense that way.

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Everyone on this board wanted him cut recently because he is too injury prone. LOL



Kind of a broad stroke there - "everyone"?  I bit overly dramatic don't you think?   I know I said we needed to address the TE position during the offseason. I still say that. I love Jordan Reed. But he was still the only one on the roster. Even with Niles Paul we only had 2 TEs with one of them prone to injury. Paulson is a band aid who not make most NFL rosters. That was a fair assessment. It still is. But you can only address so many positions at one time.


Even as good as Jordan is he is still struggling with the other parts of being a TE. Don't get me wrong, I don't now nor did I ever want him gone. But we do need more help at TE. Jay's Off has a lot more flexibility when you can run 2TE sets, esp with a TE like Reed who is such a great receiver.


Just becaue we have one really good (maybe even great) TE, does not mean the position is set. We could still use help there.

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Great breakdown as always! Thanks for the hard work!  Not trying to be critical as I see Reed as one of our best players. But he has problems off the ball. Did you happen to look at any of his blocking plays.       


yes and no. Not in great detail, just in passing.


He definitely gives a lot of effort, which is very impressive for mainly a pass-catching TE. He doesn't sustain his blocks well. He'll get his arms on someone and then release too early esp with cutback defenders which caused some shorter gains on running plays. But overall, if we keep him blocking guys directly in front of him and not reach blocking on zone plays where he gets holding calls he should be fine and will continue to develop.

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Imma put this in here (i'm sure the hammer--some of you beside me remember Fred Williamson--won't mind at this point)


From Hap in BRBN:










Green Bay has succeeded in slowing down opposing tight ends this season, but Redskins coach Jay Gruden points out the Packers haven't played Jordan Reed. The Redskins tight end has gone for more than 370 yards and five touchdowns in his last four games, emerging as a dynamic threat for Kirk Cousins and the Washington offense.


"They haven’t seen a tight end like Jordan," Gruden said. "He’s different, he’s a different animal."

Pass defense ranks as a strength for the Packers, as the team comes in ranked 6th in the NFL in both pass yards allowed and pass TDS allowed. But the Green Bay coaches must also recognize that devoting too much attention to Reed will mean leaving the vertical threat open to DeSean Jackson.




If they choose to double him or take him away that’s where DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garçon, our halfbacks come into play and Jamison Crowder. We feel good about dispersing the field with the weapons that we have," Gruden explained. "If they choose to take one guy away, we like our matchups across the board." 


The Pack have not faced a top flight tight end mid-December when they hosted the Cowboys. In that game, Jason WitteN hauled in five catches for 40 yards, though it's worth pointing out the Dallas offense looked particularly inept with Matt Cassell at QB. 


A better comparison for Reed against the Packers might be an early November matchup against the Panthers. In that game, Carolina tight end Greg Olsen grabbed four catches for 66 yards and a TD. Reed may not be Olsen yet, but each week he seems like he is getting close, and Olsen is used as much in the

Panthers offense as Reed is by the Redskins.


For the year, Reed has brought in 87 catches for 952 yards and 11 TDs. All that, just in 14 games. A different kind of animal indeed.



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