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      The Bill Callahan era began here at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. For the first quarter it was really,really bad football being played by both teams. 
      The Redskins were determined to establish the Run game. The First Quarter all they established was that they still couldn’t run. Or pass. Or do much of anything. 
      It wasn’t until the 2nd Quarter that Peterson was able to start ripping the worst Run D in the League for chunks of 18 & 24 yards. The Skins managed to score a TD with a 25 yard pass to Scary Terry McLaurin. 
      The Dolphins would open the Second Half only managing five plays before the Redskins would get the ball punted back to them. They would run a balanced run/pass attack of six plays for 70 yards in 1:25 ending in McLaurin’s second touchdown of the day. The Defense would then get a turnover allowing the Offense to get to Field Goal range and add another 3 points to make the score 17-3. 
      To open the Fourth Quarter, Hopkins would miss a 55 yard Field Goal, leaving the score at 17-3.  After being sacked five times, the Dolphins would pull their own switcharoo at QB and go to Ryan “Neckbeard” Fitzpatrick which resulted in a touchdown drive for them, making it 17-10. They went for & recovered the Onside Kick. They also managed to not score any points after that. The Dolphins would find theirselves with ball at the 2:00 Warning. Fitzpatrick would take them on a 9 play 75 yard touchdown drive with six seconds remaining on the clock. Miami went for the win with the 2 Point Conversion and failed. The Redskins would recover the onside kick by Miami and Keenum took a knee to get the Redskins their first win of the season. 


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Dan T.

2015 Buffalo Bills Look-a-Like Thread

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The Buffalo Bills are up next. Have fun this week.


Blowhard who thinks he's better than his record indicates



Blowhard who thinks he's better than his record indicates


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Woods looks like the leader of the black widow biker gang in the movie Any Which Way you can, when they lost their hair in the tar and had to put on wigs.

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No way we can't lose this game...


I mean, they've got Ralph Malph as Center!






Winston Zeddemore as QB:



QB Tyrod Taylor:



Someone hiding on a bench:



WR Sam Watkins under a towel:



Ex K Scott Norwood:



"No Good":



Bills Logo:



Buffalo Steak:



To please PJ:


Ahhhh... Feels good to have a little time to work on another look-a-like thread... :)

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Nice one Dan!


HC Rex Ryan:



John Elway:



Aaron Kromer, OL Coach:



The Colonel, Richard Crenna:



Tony Sparano, TE Coach:



Kevin Chapman:


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Eric Woods is Therman Merman




Check the third post of the thread.  But good call so let's do it again...




-------- wood.jpg

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