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The immigration thread: American Melting Pot or Get off my Lawn

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1 hour ago, visionary said:

I'm surprised they haven't already been doing that.


In some ways it does make sense to me.  


There's some things about our immigration system that don't make sense to me. 


Like, how does an illegal immigrant who gets caught qualify for bail?  (I'm thinking of the stereotypical "sneak across the border" type, not the just as common "entered legally and then didn't leave" type.)  I mean, I would think that someone who has already demonstrated the willingness and ability to cross a national border, walk into a town he's never set foot in in his life, contact an underground, and obtain a fake identity and a job, would sure sound like the picture of "flight risk", to me.  


And in that vein, I would assume that the only way we can ID such people, when captured, is via DNA.  Granted, I'm making assumptions, but what kind of ID would you regard as valid, from such a person?  Somehow I doubt he's carrying a passport or a birth certificate.  


But I'll also admit, whenever I see anything involving immigration from this administration, I have no choice but to assume that the motive is satanic-=level evil, or at least simply abusive pettiness.  

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n Thursday, City Hall spokeswoman Olivia Lapeyrolerie said, “This was a federal criminal investigation into a firearms suspect, not immigration enforcement. About 50 guns, including a machine gun, gun parts and ammunition were seized. We refer any further questions to the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Prosecutors.” 

The presence of agents wearing Immigration and Customs Enforcement jackets had triggered concern in the neighborhood that it was an immigration raid.




Gestapo ?? 😃

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8 minutes ago, Larry said:


Just admit that I said nothing of the sort, and did not mention HSI.  


you did say something of the sort, HSI is ICE (the C part mainly, rather than the I)


ATF is far from the only game in town.



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