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Thanksgiving Day Traffic I-95 And Nj Turnpike?


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Thanksgiving Day?  You should have NO problems if you leave earlier.  You might be rolling the dice if you leave at 11am.  I usually travel to visit my family in NYC on Thanksgiving day, but I leave early.  The worst rush is the night before and one year when I left, it took me 9 hours to get to Queens...UGH. 


*Here's a quick travel tip.  The NJ turnpike absolutely SUCKS.  It's boring and seems to take forever to drive through b/c the exits are spaced so far apart. 


Northbound, as soon as you get off the Del Mem Bridge, stay to the right.  Take 295 N.  It runs parallel with the NJ turnpike.  More food options as well as gas (Wegmans off of exit 40), and WAY less traffic.  Not to mention the exits are a mile apart, so you know exactly how much further you have to go in your travels.  Take 295N to exit 56.  Exit 56 will drop you off back on the Turnpike at exit 7 Bordentown).  You have now just avoided a large chunk of time on the Tpke.  You can do the same thing going southbound..get off at exit 7 and take 295S to the Del Mem Bridge. 

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Wow, thanks for the responses everyone.


Will definitely look into 295, and leaving early as well, even if it means having to kill some time before showing up at my relatives for dinner.  Would much rather that then spend hours and hours stuck in traffic, wasting gas, and being late on top of it all.

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If I leave around 10 from Greenbelt do you think I should be able to make it into NYC by 4?


Yes, assuming there are no accidents, which isn't likely.


295 is good, but there are issues if you are going all the way to NY.  It ends at Trenton, and they will actually turn you around and have you go back south towards Philly if you don't know what you are looking for.


There are a couple of good places where there are exits that are close together, but those tend to be before the traffic will get bad on the TP.


You can wait and take something like 195 over to the TP, but than you've to go that much further out of your way.


And if there is an accident on 295 N. of Philly, it can easily turn into a mess.


Realistically, it is a toss up. 


Find a station that does traffic (101.5 will do it regularly once you get up into NJ enough to get it) and change (trucks vs. cars) based on what they say is happening.

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